November 26, 2007

What is going on in my life right now....

i recently finished observing a physical therapist i had to observe him for 40 hours ,i viewed him for 43 hours tho! i just finihsed that i am going to finish up with college on December 11th!! YAY IM SO STOKED!! then i am going to take my pilates license test in january sometime ....HOPEFULLY! Next spring im hoping to move up to utah! for a lot of reasons the inital reason tho is to get more dates! cuz i am 19 years old, im in my PRIME!! i should BE GETTING ASKED OUT EVERY WEEKEND, but im im going to do something about it also while i am up there im goingto take a class at UVSC(thanx for the advice connie)and hopefully i can get a job at a pilates studio there! hopefully this will be a great move for me!

November 24, 2007

Enchanted Movie

My mom and I went to go see this movie on friday ,I enjoyed the story line of this movie!the modern day princess was so refreshing! it was fun to see how detailed they were about this movie, its an awesome movie I would suggest it to anyone!

November 4, 2007


So today i went to Khols,and i got SOME SLAMMING DEALS!I bought 7 pairs if clothing and 8 photo frames for one hundred and twenty one dollars! talk about SMOKING DEAL!