July 23, 2009


My mom just found this on another random blog she was checking out,and thought that i would LOVE IT...turns out ...I DO!! so i'm going to post it ...This is pretty much EXACTLY THE WAY I FEEL!!
Men I want don't want me
Men i don't want think I'm "the one"
Men i think are "the one" act as if I'm not there
Men I treat as if they are not there want me
If i could be anyone i wanted to be
id be one of the woman who doesn't want
the men who want the women who aren't me

July 22, 2009

braiding your bread is fun to do

This picture on top is the one I made.
Just the other night my sister(Lindsey) came over because Jesse was going to be at school till late studying,she recently went to a bread making class(that only charges 20 dollars per person,that includes you eating everything they make too!!)She was taught how to braid (i think she wanted to show off her new skill,who wouldn't?)so we made 3 braided rolls out of one batch! we had a cinamon roll bread(my personal favorite) a maple roll bread,and a orange roll bread! it tasted so good!! What makes it even better, we both had a blast too!

me+gluegun+fabrics= hippy headbands

Thank you Lisa walker mcintyre for helping me (teaching) how to make these! they are so easy and so fun!!

July 6, 2009


For my 21st birthday, I went and got a facial , manicure/pedicure,a get together at my house! lots of people came it was a great day ... Then on the 3rd i went with Connie Land clubbing and gambling! he dance club,club Rain, was super fun! I think of clubbing as a right of passage! i think everyone should go to one,just experience it!
but get this i just gambled 2 dollars ,because i said i don't want to lose all my money when I'm bound not to win! i played blackjack machine i won my 2 dollars back,but then Connie was like "do you really want to go to the cashier and get 2 dollars?" so i bet it all and i lost it all i said that's enough for me! At least i can say i tried it now!

July 5, 2009

happy 29th anniversry mom and dad!!

my folks have been together for 29 years! Can you believe it? Look at the Beautiful Family they started! This of course is an OLD family picture but it will work for now. They have 5 beautiful and healthy grandchildren,that i am so thankful for! and 4 beautiful and healthy children thankful for! Congratulations mom and dad ...for being hitched for 29 years!

hippy headband

I went over tonight to my sister in law and brothers house and made this flower headband!It was REALLY simple and inexpensive,which everybody knows is good right now!I am trying to get craftier with my Lisa's help! so I can be crafty up at school in the fall!I'M SO EXCITED!

July 2, 2009


These photos my friend Jamie Jones did! she is an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!! You can go to my friends list by just clicking "mike and jamie" click on her blog, Which will take you to her photography blog!