February 26, 2009

high heels...bad heals!!

i got shoes like these to try because i feel like my ankle is finally sturdy enough!LUCKILY i bought these pair and another pair of heels at payless for 15.43 i haven't tried my brown pair yet but i tried my black pair boots!! the kind i got i couldn't find on the Internet,so these will have to do but the kind i got held my ankle more.The thing with high heels for me,seeing as i haven't worn a pair of heels in 6 years,i was totally hurting! Luckily a guy from the shuttle dropped me off! so i didn't have to walk around any more! and then later that night,i got a foot massage from this way sweet guy!

February 21, 2009

dance show

Last night i went out with a guy to the BYU dance show! They basically told the story of the book of Mormon through dance! It was fun! Then we went to get some hot coco after because it was SO COLD in the theatre! While we were there i challenged him to a 1 word conversation(you know just when you say one word in response to other persons one word) then we played a game where we gave each other ultimatums like -Vegas or Provo- i of course said Vegas because i MISS THE HEAT!!but it was a fun date i thought! The dance show was mostly island dances it looked like! it was funi had a good time!

February 15, 2009

Monster Truck Jam

Last night was Valentines day,but my original date (Jason)bailed out on me because it was snowing so hard!So luckily for me my friend Preston Mathews texted me if i wanted to go to the monster truck show with him and a big group of friends! I had no other plans so i went! Not thinking it would be as fun as it was!They give you free ear plugs. Which i am glad they did because it was LOUD!! I am glad i had something to do on valentines day,besides mope around in my room all night.

February 12, 2009

Welcome home baby!!

A lot of you guys probably don't know this,but I have been with out a phone now for a week or so! I guess i put the charger in too hard cuz it keeps ruining the phone! (I've had this happen once before)I went into the Verizon store on Friday night,they ordered me a new one NO CHARGE!!and i got it yesterday,even tho it was suppose to be here on Tuesday!I haven't gone back to Verizon and got all my numbers on it yet,but hopefully soon...

February 7, 2009

undercover brotha

Tonight i went to Preston Matthews apartment and watched this movie pretty funny kind of just about black folks tho! and we went to KFC for dinner! i had fun today ! it was a very fulfilled day!

fire alarm!!

Tonight i was getting ready for the party and all the sudden i hear this alarm!! just vaguely at first till i went out into the hall way.it went on for about 10 minutes! It hurt every ones ears! How it started was some BRILLIANT boys decided they wanted to BBQ but they didn't have a BBQ so they decided to use the George foreman grill. It started smoking and the smoke got into the fire alarm! so ALWAYS REMEMBER don't Cook BBQ,UNLESS you know what you are doing!

why having the saddest crying face...pays off!!

Today was the last day possible that i could test for my history 1700 class!I went to the testing center which is just up the street a little from me. I found out that since i have special needs ,that i would have to set up an appointment! its Saturday, i didn't think anyone would even be in the accessibility office.I stilled called there in hopes they would be there,and good news ....they were! So i made an appointment for 12! i went into the private room they gave me The man explained to me that the only notes i could use was what she said i could,So i agreed .Then mid way done with my test i remembered that my counselor had told me i was allowed to use my notes!I went and got my notes from my back pack! Towards the end of my test i had a question for the guy helping me.Silly me i forgot to put my notes away and he said that he would have to VOID the test! so of course i started CRYING! and if any ones ever seen me crying ,Ive been told its so sad!i pout my lip,my chin quivers,my nose flairs and tears just start flying down my face! The guy was like "no,don't cry" i was just so sad i kept apologizing and i said i thought i could use them but it wasn't on my accommodations sheet! That i was allowed to use notes...even tho my counselor told me i could!I am so Glad that guys don't know what to do with themselves when girls cry! its the best!Needless to say he DIDN'T void my test!

February 1, 2009

bigger and better

This is the new crock pot i got last night!i chose it out because this, like the one my mom got me you can carry!its just BIGGER and BETTER!i think! At least with this one you can not lose the pieces!I think I will try and use it today!

friday night

Last night was very interesting,to say the least! so all day i wanted to return the crock pot my mom got me! I also needed to go to the store and get some grocery's! As most of you know,I dont drive! So I went to facebook and asked if anyone wanted to take me! No one replied till about 5.It was this kid who I've been talking to on facebook for about 3 months.The only problem was he lives in Ogden!! Which for those of you who don't know is like 2hours away from Orem! He came anyways because he promised me that we would go out sometime! When he arrived here we went once to Wal mart to just get food(trip 1) brought it back to my apartment (trip 2) then we had to grab the crock pot,went back to Wal mart to return it(trip 3) to Wal mart and then to my apt,then we forgot the instructions! (trip 4)(because im a nerd and put the instructions in my drawer so that i would know where they were!)so we had to drive back to my apt for the 5th time! then go to Wal mart again! (trip 6)Then after that we went to Carabbas for dinner! but the only sad part was we didnt really talk during dinner!We have good conversations on facebook but i guess we just weren't feeling each other! Then during dinner he got a random call from his friend who said that he had flipped his car in the Ogden canyon!He was the only one to answer his call so he had to go help him! i think that he was lieing ,we were gunna watch a movie but i think he said to himself this date blows! i don't wanna watch a movie too! so he went back up to Ogden after dinner! haha i feel so bad things just didn't click!