April 26, 2012

Pop goes the rock

 On April 25, 2012 We went to a show called Pop Goes The Rock. Now we have been blessed to see a lot of shows at the Saroyan theatre, because Joe makes signs for the local promoter. Out of all the shows we have seen I liked this show the best! It showed peoples talent and it was not perverted or scandalous like most of the other shows we have seen there! It was visablly dyanamic and very fun. We went with Joe's sister Heather and her husband Nathan.It was a really fun time I am grateful that we got to go!

April 19, 2012

Visiting Family in Vegas

We were so excited to see my family. Carter J. Johnson is ADORABLE!! He has the same problem as Maddy did with the formula, but Lauren is use to it now so she just had to switch his formula.He is a LOVER. We were glad I could see most of my family.

April 16, 2012

Our wedding 1.21.12

Our wedding day was INDESCRIBABLE we had all of our closest friends and family come  from ALL OVER!  The day before our wedding I woke up early in the morning with EXCRUCIATING PAINS in my tummy! I have had these same pains before. They were kidney stones.  A lot of my friends who also got married recently  got them too. I just think it was because we were all were nervous about how the day would go. The wedding day tho was absolutely perfect thanks to my mom and all the help our friends gave us!  Two days after the wedding we left for a great honeymoon in Hawaii!

April 1, 2012


This has been the scene in our apartment for about 3 days now! I am trying SO HARD to get all of the thank you cards Joe made for us done, but its a little tricky trying to find  the thank you card I wrote everyone and find their name on the address labels my mom made for us( Thanks mom!!)Especially because The labels aren't in alphabetical order!