April 30, 2009

coleson jay falk

the mom and the baby are doing well and are at home now! I get to go home for the summer on saturday! im SO EXCITED!

April 14, 2009

its hip to be square...or CIRCLE-VILLE!!

so Easter weekend was a BLAST! I went to my Mom old college roommates house in this PODUNK town called "Circleville" while i was there i learned a few things! Originally they were going to take me driving (since there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE THAT LIVES THERE!) but we had other plans ...so i totally forgot about it!I learned how to dutch oven ,and i dyed like 36 Easter eggs! with the help of Channa and Sheree of course! then we went and shot them ! although i didn't really shoot any but i have a picture of me shooting a gun, but i didn't shoot it i will make sure to get the photo up as soonas i get it! I'm so CHICKEN!!