July 28, 2011

Utah's Driver's License

I just got my Drivers License today! I wasn't planning on getting it today till I got in the car with my instructor.
He told me OK, this is the day we are going to do the driving test. I said OK I have never done this before but I am willing to give it a shot, because I haven't been given the driving test EVER in my past training so I thought because of all my training I have had in Las Vegas, Orem, and St. George that I would just try. I passed with a 14 out of 20 the best score is zero and the worse score is 20. I am very glad he didn't tell me the night before because I wouldn't have been able to get any sleep. I am just really excited about this!

July 17, 2011

The Future Mrs. Ulmer


Birdseye view

We bought stuff for each other at the 99 cent store

~This is what he bought me. Tricking me into believing that he wasn't going to ask me to marry him till next year

The water fall that we got engaged near

Enjoying our day in beautiful Yosemite

A little before the Engagement


after the proposal

We had an A-Mazing time at Yosemite. My fiance proposed to me near a waterfall. This is how he did it. He asked me to sit down on a secluded rock that was in the center of a beautiful spot off of trail. I had told him earlier that I thought it was a beautiful spot. He went and found a nice couple and told them that he was going to propose to me and that he would love it if they could take pictures while he does it. I thought they were coming over to take a picutre of us as we have been asking people to do all day. Instead of coming over and sitting next to me on the rock he knelt down and asked me to marry him. I was shocked, stunned and was left breathless. I couldn't do anything but kiss him and because of that I forgot to answer him. Well, he asked me if I was going to answer him and that is when I said " YES OF COURSE!"

It was a great day and I couldn't be any happier. It was perfect how everything went down.