April 16, 2014

Valentines day 2014

For Valentines day we had quite a great day.  First Joe woke me up, I walked out to our kitchen to see 2 pieces of French toast (my personal favorite)  and a piece cut in the shape of a heart in the middle. It was too cute. After we enjoyed our breakfast Joe went off to work. Then he came home for lunch which he took me to an AMAZING Teppanyaki place, Tokyo Steakhouse. After that he went back to work  then later that night we went out to Selma ( a little place right outside of where we live) for dinner at Georges Hye Street Grill with our friends Barbra and Ron Mortanian.He was so keen on feeding me, all day long!  I really feel blessed to have such a caring husband. Who knows that I'm pretty much ALWAYS HUNGRY and takes me out to feed me.

December 13, 2013

McIntyre family pictures 2013

We went to Las Vegas  for Thanksgiving this year. We had a lot of fun. It was also the one time when the ENTIRE FAMILY would be in town so we decided that we should do family pictures. We did them out at Red Rock. Our dear friend Jamie Jones took the pictures for us I think she did a FABULOUS job!

October 8, 2013

Joseph's 34th Birthday

We have been working late every night just about since starting our Etsy store, WallJems. It is a wall decal store. My mom saw a great deal on TravelZoo.com for Knott's Berry Farm tickets. We needed a relaxing weekend. She bought us the tickets and we got a hotel and we stayed for Joe's birthday Saturday the 21st of September. We had the BEST most relaxing time! Here are some pictures from our trip.

Also for Joe's birthday we went to The Price is Right Live at the Saroyan theatre here in Fresno.
 We got the tickets from a friend of ours that is in charge of the Broadway in Fresno. So he gets us tickets to cool shows a lot!

August 6, 2013

Bachelor/ette night

I have the BEST group of friends! Some are married some are single , but either way we get together to watch on ABC The Bachelorette/ Bachelor. We seriously have the best time! My single friend Christie is the one who put this little party together. It is perfect for my  being social need and  when we get together it allows Joseph to stay at work late and get caught up..

July 3, 2013

Emily's 25th birthday

 I had a great birthday this year. Joe had to work all day but I got him for the night. He came home early from work at 4 to go take me to get a manicure/pedicure (which is what I told him all that I really wanted) I got my hands a pale pink color and my toes a salmon red color to match the pants I was wearing. They turned out super cute. Then after that we went over to Ulta (the make up store) one of my favorite stores so I could spend the gift cards his family got me for my birthday. Then directly after that we went to get some Teppanyaki for dinner. It was REALLY YUMMY! Then after we had been home awhile Joe suggested that we go get some ice cream so we went to Rite Aid and got our favorites. All of my family members called me to wish me a happy birthday which was great too. It was such a GREAT DAY!!

February 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary Babe

1-21-12 is our anniversary.  I wasn't able to upload the pictures that we took on that day. That day luckily it was Martin Luthor King Junior day so Joe was off. We slept in till 11 o' clock. Then we got ready for the day and went to Dog house Grill ( the BEST BBQ tri tip sandwhich you will ever have in your LIFE! ) Then after that Joe had an idea (that he got from his elementary school) to write a memoir of the year and attach it to some helium balloons and let it sail away. We did let it sail away right out of our apartment complex which has lots of trees so the balloons were stuck. The next day Joe noticed that they had blown away we were so happy because we also attached on the memoir our email addresses so that whoever finds it can contact us. For dinner that night we went to Tepanyaki. It was great fun We enjoyed our first anniversary. We  are looking forward to MANY more years together.  For our anniversary I made Joe a Mixbook on mixbook.com. It was kind of pricey tho so I told Joe not  to get me anything and that the mixbook would be our combined present

August 20, 2012

Egg Mask

 I was reading on Pintrest a recipe that supposedly makes your hair stronger.  It had 2 eggs and a tbsp of olive oil in it.  So i did it Friday night with very low expectations. I just did it because i was bored and I had  both of the ingredient's. Today i washed and straightened my hair and I am happy to say I only saw 4  strands of hair fall out! Usually its about 10. So i am very glad I did this. It seemed to strengthen my hair!!

August 18, 2012

Yosemite with Joe and Melissa

Joe and I went to Yosemite to take my cousin Melissa there. It was not Joe and I first time being there. It is where we got engaged, but for Melissa it was  wonderful! She had never been before! Sadly though it didn't have any flowing waterfalls because of a drought in California.It still was a A LOT of fun to go be silly with each other!!