July 3, 2013

Emily's 25th birthday

 I had a great birthday this year. Joe had to work all day but I got him for the night. He came home early from work at 4 to go take me to get a manicure/pedicure (which is what I told him all that I really wanted) I got my hands a pale pink color and my toes a salmon red color to match the pants I was wearing. They turned out super cute. Then after that we went over to Ulta (the make up store) one of my favorite stores so I could spend the gift cards his family got me for my birthday. Then directly after that we went to get some Teppanyaki for dinner. It was REALLY YUMMY! Then after we had been home awhile Joe suggested that we go get some ice cream so we went to Rite Aid and got our favorites. All of my family members called me to wish me a happy birthday which was great too. It was such a GREAT DAY!!

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lauren said...

cute pictures em! so glad you had a happy birthday!! that food looks so yummy!