November 26, 2009

Melissa and Me
Cameron, Me, and Ashlee

Brooklyn and Me

My Aunt Pam ,Me,and Grandma Betty

Aunt Judy and Me

Aunt Yvonne and Me

This thanksgiving was so fun! We had it at my Uncle Darins house i had alot of fun!

November 22, 2009


I cant believe that i miss Vegas! of course i don't miss the strip so much as i do my family!! for the last couple of weeks i have been calling ALL of my brothers and sisters kids! just to talk to them! i call my Mom and Dad everyday!i just miss home i am SO EXCITED to see everyone,even tho i am having a blast at school this semester,more so than my last semester!My ward is pretty great i love my bishop and his counselors! thanks to one of my moms old preschoolers,who i am going to ride down with,i leave tomorrow at 4:30!! I'm NOT EXCITED for the LONG drive,but i am excited to see everyone again its been 4 months!!!It has been awhile!

November 7, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad.....

Are you kidding me? I look like I am waiting for a flood,they dont fit around the waist,my underwear shows,they go down to my forearms!! it is BAD!! SO in other words....MOM,I NEED PAJAMAS!!pretty please with a cherry on top?

November 3, 2009


From left to right: Brittany,Matt,Me,Dave,Rachel

Me and Rachel


Halloween was way fun! my friend that lives upstairs fro Me and Rachel went to a dance party with a bigger group of people than the picture that is shown!Then after the party we went bowling with the huge group of people! that was a blast! I am so grateful I met Rachel she takes me everywhere with her to hang out!We even went to the Temple last week! Great fun living here!