December 17, 2009

Roomie Christmas


cheesy potato soup dinner for my hall

Me and my roommate Whitnee decided to make dinner for the guys across the hall and for a couple other random people.She borrowed the ski goggles because she was cutting the onions and they made her eyes tear up! Definitely a FUN night for all that came!!

November 26, 2009

Melissa and Me
Cameron, Me, and Ashlee

Brooklyn and Me

My Aunt Pam ,Me,and Grandma Betty

Aunt Judy and Me

Aunt Yvonne and Me

This thanksgiving was so fun! We had it at my Uncle Darins house i had alot of fun!

November 22, 2009


I cant believe that i miss Vegas! of course i don't miss the strip so much as i do my family!! for the last couple of weeks i have been calling ALL of my brothers and sisters kids! just to talk to them! i call my Mom and Dad everyday!i just miss home i am SO EXCITED to see everyone,even tho i am having a blast at school this semester,more so than my last semester!My ward is pretty great i love my bishop and his counselors! thanks to one of my moms old preschoolers,who i am going to ride down with,i leave tomorrow at 4:30!! I'm NOT EXCITED for the LONG drive,but i am excited to see everyone again its been 4 months!!!It has been awhile!

November 7, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad.....

Are you kidding me? I look like I am waiting for a flood,they dont fit around the waist,my underwear shows,they go down to my forearms!! it is BAD!! SO in other words....MOM,I NEED PAJAMAS!!pretty please with a cherry on top?

November 3, 2009


From left to right: Brittany,Matt,Me,Dave,Rachel

Me and Rachel


Halloween was way fun! my friend that lives upstairs fro Me and Rachel went to a dance party with a bigger group of people than the picture that is shown!Then after the party we went bowling with the huge group of people! that was a blast! I am so grateful I met Rachel she takes me everywhere with her to hang out!We even went to the Temple last week! Great fun living here!

October 25, 2009

Flapper chick

This top picture is of me and my friend who lives above me,Rachel Provolt,we were invited to a Friday night Halloween party and I didn't have a costume,Luckily Rachel did!! i went as a flapper chick! it was a blast!I am glad I'm making friends i love our ward!

bucket list

These are the things i hope to do before i die:
1. get a degree in something,anything
2. find a worthy man to take me to the temple
3.Start a family my first boy (Dylan Ry) and my first girl (Mckayla Emi)
5.get a career GREAT at my career
7.learn to sew well
8.go on a mission with my husband
9.volunteer at an orphanage
10. volunteer at anything
11.laugh till I cry
12.LOVE everyone with all my heart
13. be scared so bad i pee my pants....just a lil
14.pull an AWESOME prank on someone
15.finish the B.O.M.
16.create ways to help me remember things
17.get my portrait painted
18.learn how to speak a language fluently
19.write a motivational book about my life
20.go camping with my future family a good mom
22.overcome my fear of failure and disappointing people
l23.learn how to take a compliment
24,accept who i am
23.learn to do hair
24.write a fan letter to all my family telling them how much i love them
25. do genelogy
26.i am GOOD ENOUGH someones mentor
28.don't be so critical of myself
29.go camping

October 19, 2009

roomate birthday dinner/FHE

Today is my roommate's,Gerins,birthday! My roommate's and I took her out to eat, We went to Texas Steakhouse, it was good, I didn't think I had ever been there before,or at least I couldn't remember, but earlier in the day my FHE ma texted me asking if i could make a cake Gerin tonight at her FHE birthday party,So i said sure why not I came home from school to find my other roommate Whitnee baking a cake for her already!Anyways we get home from the dinner and i totally space going to FHE for her birthday party.We ended up going to it a lil late . When we finally went I was just seeing the regular people,but i met this one guy who i had not met before,he came up to me with a smile on his face and introduced himself as Matt.I was saying hi to the other girls in my FHE group (surprisingly there are only like 3 FHE guys that come)I get done saying hi to them and he says to me,"You have the spirit VERY STRONG" and all I could think to say was "aww thanks..." Now this probably isn't something i should be sharing because I'm kinda bragging,BUT i just thought it was just too cool that a guy that i have never met before would say that to me!!

September 26, 2009


i have been thinking a lot about faith since the other night when i was scoping out blogs ,and feeling pretty bad,this girl had a thing about faith! I am very proud to say that i do have faith!
During my life i have relied on faith many times
I have enough faith to say "it's all in your hands"
I know that everything will be ok no matter what the outcome may be
when we pray...he listens
families will be together forever
With faith miracles do happen
I have a God and Savior that love me unconditionally
Because of faith i have never doubted that there was life after death

September 20, 2009

utah lake with roomies!!

On saturday me and my 2 roomates (i have 3 but the other one gerin wasnt there) wwe went to utah lake with whitnees uncle andcousins!! (me,whitnee,jessica)

September 12, 2009


Isaac (the kid i met in Vegas at singles ward) and I went bowling last night! It was fun! I have not gone bowling in a LONG TIME! I was not that great last night,i did not suck either though! Last night I rolled a 70,Isaac rolled a 173.Which isn't the best seeing as the guy who worked there said the perfect score was 300!! We had fun though!!

September 3, 2009

Cereal party

Last night I went to a cereal party!! I have never heard of one I went,to see what it was about!It was pretty fun it pretty much was just a normal party BUT they had cereal to eat! it was great fun!Even tho i didn't have any cereal(I ate a bowl half hour before i left).I am liking this place (Ventana more than my other place (Winterhaven)because they do more things here!!

August 31, 2009

sushi and double dutch

Last night the boys across the hall from me were making sushi and having a movie night!This looks exactly like the sushi we made...tho i didn't take a picture of it. The guy that helped teach all of us how to make sushi said he learned off of a youtube video!Now if anyone knows me,knows i don't eat seafood...but last night i had crab,cucumber,avocado,seaweed, it was OK i didn't love it but i didn't hate it either.Then after that we all went to ward prayer which was held out on our lawn. Then we played double dutch i didn't get in the double dutch ,but i did jump a couple times! Just with one rope tho!I had a good night last night!

August 30, 2009

I miss him!!

from left to right:Ryan Sneed,Sammie Sneed,me,Robbie that picture was taken 2 weeks before the car wreck!
Today is the day that i will remember my whole life! The day that i cant just wash out of my memory, I will remember it EVERY SINGLE day of my life! I will remember Ryan Sneed everyday of my life! there is a scripture i think of just about every time i think of Ryan!"Greater love hath no man than this,that a man should lay down his life for his friend" that's always what I think about when i think of Ryan! ,because he LOVED all the girls in the car SO much! i bet you that he had deal with god saying that,"If I die from this accident,let all the girls live!" he was honestly the best!! i love and miss him!!

August 29, 2009

dedicated family girl...

missing coleson and maddi




I LOVE them!