June 16, 2009

recumbent bike

I just bought a new Golds gym recumbent bike at the beginning of the month!I have been exercising every night on the bike since i got it!I am lacking in endurance though,so rite now I'm trying to build my stamina up by exercising 10-15 minutes a night till I get to at least 30-45minutes!!I am so lucky i could get this bike i think it will help me in my stamina and endurance.

June 11, 2009

apricot and plum picking and the shark reef

Earlier today my mom went with her summer class to the Shark Reef. I went along too,for moral support! It was the first time I've ever been there, lets just say it was quite the experience. i touched a sting ray! which was just kinda soft,but it was cool.Then we came home and had chicken and stuffing casserole!(the recipe is in my moms recipe book,at least I'm pretty sure it is!) Then after that we went outside in our backyard and picked some apricots and plums! YUMMY!