October 21, 2010


Well it has been quite awhile! That is just because I am ALWAYS BUSY!Monday, Wednesday, Fridays I get ready for the day,go to school 11-2,gym,study,make dinner,watch some TV with my roommates, go to bed. Tuesday, Thursday I get ready for the day,go to my 1st institute class of the day - Dating and Courtship aka Building Blocks Towards an Eternal Marriage at 11. Then i go to my 2nd institute class of the day- Doctrines of the Gospel-at 1, which my teacher is AMAZING!He has the scriptures memorized! Then after institute gets out I go and volunteer at a "rehab" facility but really its just an old folks home!Then I go and type up my weekly English paper!
All of the above reasons are why I have not blogged in SO LONG! So if you were wondering if I fell off the Earth....I didn't I have just been CRAZY busy!!