July 20, 2010

4th of July/Circleville

For the fourth of July my family and I went to this little town calld Circleville (If you cant guess how small of a town it is from the name something is wrong with you!)It is really small like I said but it was a good thing!Wwe had to make our own fun. We had dinner on a mountain,we rode their horses,andshot guns

July 12, 2010

DLD-Drivers License Division

I have been trying to get my Utah Permit for ages! (about 2 years to be exact)I've gone to the driving school ,which is a pain trying to get there , not being able to drive.Today a good family friend of ours, Clark Woodger,took me to the DLD.For those of you who don't know you are only allowed to take the test twice in a day.Well, I took it once, I took it slowly making sure I didn't screw it up, and I went back and checked over ALL 50 questions ,and I got a 72 % the first time!Then i went back for the second time hoping id do great not really caring if i passed or failed because i already failed it the first time so I took it faster and I didn't go back and check it , but good news, I PASSED!!!Now on to getting a license!

July 1, 2010

My Birthday

Today was a VERY exciting day for me.Not only did i turn 22, but i turned 22 with a bang!My friend Kathy Bechtol took me this morning to the mall to buy me an outfit,we got chinese for lunch,and then we saw the movie Eclipse!(which i liked but i like New Moon a little better)Then tonight at about 6 i went to get my hair done and got a pedicure,which i desperately needed because a friend in my ward did Glitter toes on me and that comes off SO FAST when i wear it!Then i came home and nobody was here;then my roommate Gerin came home and gave me a gift! it was a PERFECT gift for me! a thing of Go-Gurt,a silly t-shirt,and 3 packs of gum!It was really an enjoyable birthday and i am going to see my family tomorrow to top it off!!