November 26, 2011

Engagement Pictures

We had our Engagement pictures taken on 11.11.11. The photographer,Jimmy Gideon, was so busy because everyone wants to get married on 11.11.11, but he fit us in. The actual engagement photo shoot only took about an hour and a half to two hours. We seriously had a blast taking them it was so much fun for us. However it was VERY STRESSFUL!! Picking out what Joe and I were going to wear and how exactly I would do my make up, but everything turned out just great! I can not be more excited that I REALLY DO LOVE ALL OF THE PICTURES!!

October 29, 2011

Marriage Material

It seems like I have not posted in awhile, so I was thinking, what are the things that make my man (Joseph) marriage material to me?

1. He makes me laugh all the time
2. He is so handsome
3 .He calls me princess everytime we talk
4. He is very dependable
5. He does what he says he is going to do
6. He is financially responsible
7. He is a good chef
8. He mentions to me about our future kids
9. We call each other silly nicknames
10. He is clean
11. He is always there when I need him
12. He has goals
13. He is ambitious
14. He gets along with my family and I get along with his
15.He knows when to be mature and when to be immature
16. He is honest in his work
17. He loves to surprise me
18. He is patient and willing to wait
19. He is Spiritually intuned
20. He is ready to be a dad
21. He reads The Book of Mormon/prays with me EVERY night
22. He put things in a way that I understand it
23. He ALWAYS smells yummy!!!

September 18, 2011

Our Saturday

The Orange was too big for my little mouth!!

Yesterday, Saturday, me and my fiance Joe spent most of the day at this racing tour event... called tour de Fresno. It was a lot of fun we got free lunch which was always good and then we had an icee, YUM!!

August 21, 2011

2011 Bridal Fair

This Saturday the Bridal fair was in Las Vegas and I REALLY wanted to go. My busy busy man wanted to see all of the ideas there too. Unfortunately though he was only able to stay for the weekend ): Although, he wasn't able to stay long we filled our weekend with LOTS of stuff! Not only the Bridal Fair,but dinner and a movie too(which is our first real date!!) He is so helpful and is willing to give his opinion when I ask for it.

August 14, 2011


These Heels are my VERY FIRST pair of heels that I can actually get around in. This Sunday, I actually wore these shoes to church without any slip ups or anything. It felt so good to actually wear heels to church again like most girls my age do. I haven't been able to wear heels since the car accident I was in, in 2002. So it has been 9 years since I have last worn heels! I wouldn't say I am the best walker in heels yet, but I am working on it and at least i can wear them without spraining my ankle!!

August 4, 2011


Joe and I have finally decided on a date to get married. I am a girl that is very much into the number theme. I also wanted to do it on a day we couldn't forget and it had to be on the weekend. Luckily we have decided to do it on

January 21, 2012

Joe told me that it didn't really matter what time we do it ,so I scheduled it for 11.

July 28, 2011

Utah's Driver's License

I just got my Drivers License today! I wasn't planning on getting it today till I got in the car with my instructor.
He told me OK, this is the day we are going to do the driving test. I said OK I have never done this before but I am willing to give it a shot, because I haven't been given the driving test EVER in my past training so I thought because of all my training I have had in Las Vegas, Orem, and St. George that I would just try. I passed with a 14 out of 20 the best score is zero and the worse score is 20. I am very glad he didn't tell me the night before because I wouldn't have been able to get any sleep. I am just really excited about this!

July 17, 2011

The Future Mrs. Ulmer


Birdseye view

We bought stuff for each other at the 99 cent store

~This is what he bought me. Tricking me into believing that he wasn't going to ask me to marry him till next year

The water fall that we got engaged near

Enjoying our day in beautiful Yosemite

A little before the Engagement


after the proposal

We had an A-Mazing time at Yosemite. My fiance proposed to me near a waterfall. This is how he did it. He asked me to sit down on a secluded rock that was in the center of a beautiful spot off of trail. I had told him earlier that I thought it was a beautiful spot. He went and found a nice couple and told them that he was going to propose to me and that he would love it if they could take pictures while he does it. I thought they were coming over to take a picutre of us as we have been asking people to do all day. Instead of coming over and sitting next to me on the rock he knelt down and asked me to marry him. I was shocked, stunned and was left breathless. I couldn't do anything but kiss him and because of that I forgot to answer him. Well, he asked me if I was going to answer him and that is when I said " YES OF COURSE!"

It was a great day and I couldn't be any happier. It was perfect how everything went down.

June 6, 2011

Visiting my boyfriend 6.3.11 - 6.6.11

I just got back from visiting my boyfriend, Joe Ulmer, he lives in Fresno,California Friday June 3rd is when I flew out of Vegas to Fresno. As soon as I got there he automatically wanted to Spoil me. He decided to take me shopping at the mall in Fresno. Then after that we went to the grocery store and got some Artichokes and Potatoes. We made dinner together He had marinated 2 Rib eye steaks for us the night before . He was in charge of making the Potatoes and grilling the Steaks and I was in charge of making the Artichokes. Turns out he is a GREAT COOK so we had an AMAZING meal!Then on Saturday we took his nieces and nephews to the movies because we were going to go to a rock climbing and go-cart riding place, but it was raining so bad. Then me and Joe went out to dinner with his parents at this Mexican place called Toledos. On Sunday we went to church, which everyone in his ward had heard so much about me from Joe that everyone in his ward was so excited to meet me, later we went to break-the-fast then we went over to his house for dinner we had these amazing pork chops that his father made I got to meet ever one in his immediate family.

May 23, 2011

Family Photos

The Whole Family

Grandma, Grandpa, the Grandkids

Josh, Lisa, Grace, Lily

Lindsey, Jesse, Corbin, Coleson

Lauren, Jason, Maddi


We just May 11Th took family pictures with everyone, before Lindsey and Jesse move to Chicago for Oral Surgery school. I am so glad that we all could be there on that windy windy day! We had our pictures taken by our good friend Jamie Jones. She is in our ward and we LOVE her photography!

May 1, 2011

Patience Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

This is my boyfriend Joe Ulmer. We actually met online. He and his business partner drove from his house in Fresno all the way to Vegas for some work related stuff, and then he drove the 2 more hours up to St. George to see me.We had only one day together. Needless to say we got a lot done. He didn't get on the road till later in the morning, so he got here at about noon. When he got here we were all hungry so we went to Bishops and had lunch (good service not great food though). We went to a grocery store to get his business partner some healthy food (since he had a whole plate full of fried foods at lunch)Then we went to their hotel to check them in. Then we just came back to my apartment to relax.Then we went to dinner at this snazzy hole in the wall place called Bent Fork It was pretty good we had a chicken and motzarella filled raviolis drenched in creamy tomato sauce and pesto sauce. It was really good! After that we went and grabbed a smoothie from this small little place. After that we went to the Lonestar concert!! It was A LOT OF FUN!! Then we went back to his hotel to sit in the hot tub for a little bit then we watched a movie back at my place. At 12:40 i was so exhausted so I kicked him out! Then he was here for part of Sunday , so we went to church .We only went to sacrament because he had to get on the road. I am extremely proud of ourselves for getting that much fun things done all in one day!!

April 19, 2011


-How the bathroom becomes a sauna after a shower

-Things that go "CRUNCH"

-How I Talk to my family at least once,daily

-When you are slowing down for a red light, and then all the sudden it turns green

-Getting notifications on Facebook

-Getting random texts

-Seeing people that I haven't seen in awhile again

I love to paint my toes

- How my brothers voice ALWAYS raises an octave when he says my name

- How my sisters ALWAYS seem to get a great deal when shopping

-All of the different nicknames my mom has for me

-How my dad carries a gun EVERYWHERE with him, just to protect his Princesses

-How I talk on Skype with Joe EVERY NIGHT

-My "true" friends

-I have been in college for 5 years, and I am not even close to getting my associates degree /:

- When my roommate's laugh hysterically... because it makes me laugh or smile (:

- How my nieces and nephews call me either Auntie Em or Emmy

-When I crinkle my nose

-To smell YUMMY

-When I am clean and organized

-When I squeal

- How when you talk about bodily functions I crack up almost always

--How my favorite words are fool and psych

-When I split a piece of gum perfectly

-To write on Post-It notes

-To watch infomercials

-Making lists of things i need to get done

-My make-up Bare Minerals

-How I bite my lower lip when I get nervous /:

-How at least 4 times a week, I floss

-To go to the gym and Work-out

-Going to get my eyebrows threaded

-Making new friends

-Chewing almost any type of gum

-I love how my parents accommodate me with buying the cereal that I am craving when I visit them

-Talking to my nieces and nephews ALL THE TIME

-The smell of Brisket coming from my kitchen back at home

-Going to institute/church

-My naturally white skin

-Putting moisturizer on my face at least twice a day

I Remember awhile back being tagged in an I love... post. I want to tag: Lindsey Falk, Lauren Johnson, Lisa Walker McIntyre,Lisa McIntyre and anyone else who just wants to express what they love! I promise its fun to try and remember everything you love! I am positive I left some things out, but here's a pretty good list!

April 13, 2011


Tonight I walked over to the school to set a new world record. The record we were trying to beat was the number of people to be arm wrestling at the same time.I am not sure how many people we got, but i was one of the last people there (go figure!) and I was number 268 and there were still like 10 more people who came! I guess the old record was like 215 or something... anyways they handed out free tee-shirts that said DIXIE STATE WORLD RECORD APRIL 13, 2011 and FREE Iceberg chocolate ice cream it was PRETTY YUM! (FREE anything is ALWAYS good to a college student!)! Oh ya and the person who I wrestled with was named Marcus and at first I was really good, I put in all my strength,but I could easily see his frustration that he couldn't beat a girl in an arm wrestling match, so I gave in. I let him beat me! WIMP!!

March 31, 2011

Early April Fools?

My roommate Lauren and I went to the dollar theatres tonight to see the movie, Tangled.
Little did we know what we would find! Neither of us has a car so we had to walk about a mile give or take a little, so we finally got into the dollar theatres parking lot when all of this sudden we hear "HELP HELP !! I JUST GOT RAN OVER BY A CAR! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!" SO a few cars pulled over and tried to help she was bleeding from her mouth, head, and limbs, but all this sudden a guy (her boyfriend I am assuming?) came up to her with a glass of water and she stood up and got a hold of her boyfriends side and walked away! Without saying ANYTHING to ANYONE. She even had someone call an ambulance.I didn't get any pictures it all happened too fast and it was dark outside. We thought it might have been a prank show or something, but the scraps and blood seemed real! It has been a CRAZY NIGHT!!

March 17, 2011

Samsung RV511

I have had my Dell laptop for just over 5 years now, and it was high time for a new one! I would start typing a paper for school and the cursor would move ALL THE TIME!So i would have to retype it. It was SO ANNOYING!!I wanted to get a laptop that had a 10 key number pad on it. This laptop will be PERFECT for me and my needs! It was right around my price range. I am excited.