January 31, 2009

bigger and better...

Last night Barb and Katie Creer (soon to be Katie Clover) brought me a few things from my family. Thia included a thing of yarn and a croquet needle(so i can start on making that monkey dream hat of mine),there was a Christ calender (to keep me on track), and lastly there was a crock pot,not just any crock pot,but a PORTABLE crock pot that is WAY bigger than my last one!! The only thing was it is missing is a strap, later today or sometime this coming week ill have to go exchange it! hopefully Wal Mart will take back an open gift?

January 29, 2009


Today was my second time at institute(for the semester)! Since i didn't have school today, I headed over to the institute building. I started taking institute on Tuesday,i started taking the Book of Mormon class since I'm reading my BOM nowadays. My class starts at 3 i went there at 2 because i was bored! I went into the "hang out room" which was pretty much what it was! when I first walked in i saw these 2 guys playing pool.... Zach and Cayden, so i asked if i could join.They said "sure, why not" so i started playing pool with them. I was not good at all! , but they didn't even care! They helped me it was fun then i met this guy named Evan,he was nice any friendly,he was a tall glass of water tho! he was 6'10!! He was nice too tho! I can see why my sisters said the institute is like a meat market...because it really is! Zach and Cayden were asking me questions like "what do you like to do for fun?"of course knowing me ...i said the wrong thing! i said i like to cook but i love to bake! haha then they said we should get together sometime and bake cookies! i said ya sure i know a BOMB recipe for some chocolate chip cookies! so Zach got my number! we will see if they call or not tho?

January 20, 2009

Jason Johnson

here is My Jason Johnson ! i think he is cute!

January 18, 2009

date # 2 with jason johnson

I REALLY enjoy the company of this boy who is named Jason Johnson (also my brother -in-laws name)We already went on one date. He is from Ogden Utah tho... so he has to drive 2 hours,just to see me! anyways our date:was SO MUCH FUN! when he came we went to Wal Mart to pick up a few things to make some pizza with!He said he was professional pizza maker because that's what he would ALWAYS make on his mission in Russia! so i said ok... we are going to need some pizza sauce,pizza toppings,and pizza dough! He said that we will need pizza sauce,pizza toppings,BUT we wont be needing pizza crust,because, we will be using PIE CRUST! so we got all the stuff we needed we came back to my apartment to make it! it was ...uhm lets just say....not my FAVORITE! it was really flaky ...not my cup of tea at all he loved it tho! So i pretended to like it...saying what a master chef he was and stuff like that to build him up! so after we did that we went in my room and chatted for about an hour or two! just about what we want out of life and things like that!then it FINALLY came to the end of the night! we were standing at the doorway.... and he leaned in and planted a simple PECK on my LIPS!It was a FUN NIGHT to say the least !

College Fiesta!!

As many of you know ,my family LOVES t o throw party's! I have been kind of missed all the party's that we throw! Anyways James (the guy across the hall from me) last week invited us all to his apartment for some soup! This week i decided that it should have a Mexican fiesta theme!!I am making tacos and we are going to have Queso dip and chips! This week I invited everyone on my floor over!and a few other people (i hope i bought enough food!)anyways I'm WAY EXCITED to get back into throwing party's! we will see how it goes ill report back! I bought a new game "In A Pickle" i hope its fun!

January 15, 2009

monkey beanie

I was just bored so I was browsing the net! i found this TOTALLY CUTE LIL BEANIE ...i found it on http://www.blisfullydomestic.com/ or you can also find it on http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=87711 and search under i want to make one for all my niece's ...ill try and find one for my nephew's!but i NEED TO LEARN HOW TO CROQUET I'm not sure who's going to teach me but when i do learn everyone expect one of these! and I'm also planning on tying little quilts for all of my nieces/nephews soon! i need to get on that ASAP!

January 13, 2009


Today i had a meeting with Edward Martinelli, the disability counselor! I had scheduled an appointment with him last week to go over some of the services he can offer me... i got a note taker,i got some extra time on my work,it was a good day today!

January 12, 2009


This morning i had Tai Chi (Martial art class)i walked to school at 9:00 and then i walked back to my apartment just fine. I walked to my apartment to have some mac and cheese (my grandma Rosemary and grandpa Bruce got me while they were in town)Then i had another class at 1:00 which the teacher has not even been there for the first two days we met. and i was walking fairly sturdy but then.... i hit some black ice i think!! and i TOTALLY BIFFED IT!! i got my WHITE pants dirty and i scuffed up my left arm and left hip and in the snow!even tho my pants,my arm ,and hip were all scuffed up i had to go to class!

I went and i found out that my teacher who hasn't been there for a few days is RUDE man there were SO MANY TIMES where i just wanted to raise my hand and tell her off ...but to my dismay i resisted!

i went to the computer lab after class while i was waiting for my 3:00 class to start. and when i met him he looked pretty normal.... then he turned his face to look at me all the way.... he had some white stuff on his eyebrows and eyelashes. I of course thought he was an art major and got some paint in his eyes...he told me the real story tho! he said he didn't have any pigmentation there... which i haven't really seen except for maybe albinos but he seemed pretty normal to me!

January 8, 2009


Today i went to two meetings! the first one was to find some other people rather than my family to pay for the tuition and books! i did find some people! -voc rehab- they got me in state tuition, and they are paying for ALL OF MY SCHOOLING AND BOOKS!! tho i am not a resident yet! (i will be a resident in April) then i went to the medicaid appointment,i just had to select a health care plan! Everyone In the room chose the same one! so it worked out great! I am so happy that my parents (especially my mom remembered to fax the paper for my books to George!

first day of school

Wednesday was my first day of school,it was good ! Everyone is probably wondering what classes I'm taking? My first part of the day (9:00 am)was Tai Chi, my instructor,tho old,was very wise and experienced! He is an old Chinese man tho i forget all my teacher names I'm sure ill get it by the end of the semester! the next class (1:00 pm) was history this class blew! because my teacher didn't even show up! She said she was sick which i understand,BUT it was the FIRST day of class at least come meet the class teachers never teach on the 1st day! then my last class was health....my teacher is nice I'm excited about it! tho would it kill her to lay off a little on the eye makeup?

January 7, 2009

its a ....


we are all so excited for Lindsey and Jesse! i hate to say i told you so Lindsey....BUT i did tell ya it would be another boy!!!

January 4, 2009

25 questions i guarantee you've NEVER ANSWERED!!

1.would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
nope i am wanting to kiss someone i respect and respects me too next time!

2.what song describes your relationship status?"its a BRICK HOUSE!"haha meaning i am no where close to a relationship!

3.how much does your dog weigh?ehh like 160?

4.are you a heart breaker or a heartbreakee? Ive been both... but i will say Ive broke more hearts!

5.ever waxed your legs?nuh uh psh....PLAYA PLEASE!! ...OUCH!!

6.earrings or necklace?my ears are very sensitive i have my ears pierced i so i can wear earrings but they ALWAYS GET INFECTED!!

7.who have you talked to most today?my mom and dad

8.friend of the opposite sex that lives close to you? well Devin lives right next door but Ian lives kitty corner to me.

9.color of your shirt?black...what else?

10.what color is the background on your computer mainly?red..i think i need to change it i think the red is effecting my eyes!

11.are you a bad influence?of COURSE NOT...I'M AN ANGEL!!

12.what colors are your eyes?hazel sometimes brown sometimes BUT when i cry ..they are blue or VERY GREEN

13.would you rather have one of your siblings names? yes,if i had a name starting with a L life would be SO MUCH EASIER all my brother and sisters have J,L listen josh and Lisa , Jesse and Lindsey , Lauren and jason and get this all of my in laws have a birthday on the 13Th!! AHH THE PRESSURE!!

14.would you do anything for someone? depending on the person and what they asked of me..but ya probably

15.do you use smiley faces on the computer alot?i do when I'm instant messaging people on facebook

16.what song is on? "lucky" by Jason mraz feat. Colbie caliatt

17.are your grades good ? i don't knows until i start the semester

18.do you watch Gilmore girls?ALL THE TIME!!

19.do you read trashy romance novels often?ummm illl admit i LOVE jack Weyland books ...and umm twilight...does that count?

20. have you ever written anything about your life?no not yet but you know what would be great?is if me ,my mom,and my dad sat down and wrote a self motivating book! then i could tour around the world and motivate people... you know that's what i wanted to do!

21.do you know how to knit?I'm taking that up hopefully by the end of this year!

22.when you open your closet,what is the dominant color? white and black of course!

23.do you keep a diary or journal online?only the blog

24fly or road trip? fly definitely! I'm too antsy in the car !oh ya and i get car sick ALL THE TIME!!

25 favorite Disney movie? umm id have to say either peter pan or Cinderella?

iI now have to TAG 7 people! i tag Lindsey Falk,Lauren Johnson,Lisa Mcintyre (joshes wife) Lisa Mcintyre (joshes mom)

January 1, 2009

lil' miss molly

i was ALWAYS SO BORED IN UTAH! because i would have nothing to do ALL day long! So i finally said "I'm sick of being bored all the time" and me not having any talents,now i aspire to be your very own MOLLY MORMON!! i just needed stuff to do while I'm in Utah and bored! That is why Lugene Spencer- the tying quilt cynosure taught me how to tie quilts! (I'm giving a few guys up in Utah quilts for valentines day!) and i went over to Kristen Child's house and she taught me how to make healthy cinnamon rolls...oxymoron? i am also going to try and get in a kick boxing class! we will see how that goes? Thanks mom for running me all over the place!

20...going on 60...

yesterday was New Years eve,and i didnt do a thing! i WAS NOT even up for it!! i was so tired! i ALMOST MADE IT! I went to bed at 11:30 i could here the fireworks going off! i was just really tired! Like i told my mom..... the new year will still come if i fall asleep!