August 31, 2009

sushi and double dutch

Last night the boys across the hall from me were making sushi and having a movie night!This looks exactly like the sushi we made...tho i didn't take a picture of it. The guy that helped teach all of us how to make sushi said he learned off of a youtube video!Now if anyone knows me,knows i don't eat seafood...but last night i had crab,cucumber,avocado,seaweed, it was OK i didn't love it but i didn't hate it either.Then after that we all went to ward prayer which was held out on our lawn. Then we played double dutch i didn't get in the double dutch ,but i did jump a couple times! Just with one rope tho!I had a good night last night!

August 30, 2009

I miss him!!

from left to right:Ryan Sneed,Sammie Sneed,me,Robbie that picture was taken 2 weeks before the car wreck!
Today is the day that i will remember my whole life! The day that i cant just wash out of my memory, I will remember it EVERY SINGLE day of my life! I will remember Ryan Sneed everyday of my life! there is a scripture i think of just about every time i think of Ryan!"Greater love hath no man than this,that a man should lay down his life for his friend" that's always what I think about when i think of Ryan! ,because he LOVED all the girls in the car SO much! i bet you that he had deal with god saying that,"If I die from this accident,let all the girls live!" he was honestly the best!! i love and miss him!!

August 29, 2009

dedicated family girl...

missing coleson and maddi




I LOVE them!

new apartment

my roomies Jessica and Whitney (we were missing Gerin,because she was at work!)
me at my desk that my apartment provided for me!

me n lyndee she is the best! she stored all my stuff i left up here last semester at her house! we love her!!

I am getting along great with my roommate's this semester,but they are all 18 i guess that kind of makes me like the "mom" of the apartment,but i like it! I do have to say i don't have a king size bed like the last place i lived,but a twin does perfect! Its easy for me to make everyday, i don't move around much in my sleep,so I wont ever fall off! its true this apartment is a Lil bit further from school than my last place but it has a washer and dryer in the apartment,so I don't have to go get quarters every week or have to use the community washer and dryer! Which is nice! I have been having a blast up here just hanging out with people!

August 12, 2009

pilates prices

The going rate for a single pilates class is 22 $ for my pilates class, i am going to be charging 15$ per can do either 15$ for 1 class or 4 classes for 50 $ which will save you 10$!

August 9, 2009



Just yesterday i had my PRACTICAL exam,where i had to actually teach some one! I taught Cindy Walker... I asked when i was done, if Ihad passed that part of my test,she said "you passed with flying colors!!" ,BUT,then she said "I haven't even looked at your written test yet( which i took on Monday),i won't look at it till this weekend,she said she would call me on Saturday to give me the results,i didn't hear from her in the morning or in the afternoon or even the evening,i didn't hear from her till 8:18 last night!"So last night at about 10:30 i decided to check my phone ,luckily i had a new voicemail.... it was her!! SHE SAID I PASSED THE WRITTEN EXAM WITH A 90 % (you had to get an 80 % to pass)so i will get my certificate at the end of the week!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND FASTING!!

August 4, 2009


I am currently trying to get my pilates instructors license! i already have some one who im testing with but i do need peopel to practice on! if your interested just leave a comment! thanks!