June 6, 2011

Visiting my boyfriend 6.3.11 - 6.6.11

I just got back from visiting my boyfriend, Joe Ulmer, he lives in Fresno,California Friday June 3rd is when I flew out of Vegas to Fresno. As soon as I got there he automatically wanted to Spoil me. He decided to take me shopping at the mall in Fresno. Then after that we went to the grocery store and got some Artichokes and Potatoes. We made dinner together He had marinated 2 Rib eye steaks for us the night before . He was in charge of making the Potatoes and grilling the Steaks and I was in charge of making the Artichokes. Turns out he is a GREAT COOK so we had an AMAZING meal!Then on Saturday we took his nieces and nephews to the movies because we were going to go to a rock climbing and go-cart riding place, but it was raining so bad. Then me and Joe went out to dinner with his parents at this Mexican place called Toledos. On Sunday we went to church, which everyone in his ward had heard so much about me from Joe that everyone in his ward was so excited to meet me, later we went to break-the-fast then we went over to his house for dinner we had these amazing pork chops that his father made I got to meet ever one in his immediate family.