December 21, 2008

the PERFECT dream!

Tonight my sister-in-law Lisa called me at like 11! and was like... i was trying to put grace to sleep so i was laying in the bed with her rubbing her back! she started to tell grace of fun things that she could dream about... and then grace started telling her fun things she could dream about,she said mama is in the dream (grandma) and ummm... Emmy (Emily)this was just too cute for me to pass up on blogging about!

December 8, 2008

utahs own HOT SPOT!

Apparently, the Wal Mart down the road is the new hangout spot! because tonight I went to wal mart with Preston Matthews... and we ran into TONS OF PEOPLE I KNOW!! like Whitney booth aka Whitney Durkin and then my sister,Lauren, might remember the boy i ran into his sister name is Aaron Kelsey! Yup i ran into her brother ,Ryan,he looked a little different now days! but basically the same! he has earrings in hi sears now!NO,excuse me, he had BLING BLING in his ears! anyways it was a fun night! I got to see a lot of people!

December 7, 2008


so i went on a date yesterday...we were gonna go see twilight(which Ive seen 2 times already!)then he was like...i got my new camera! think you would like to model for me?I said yes I would i haven't posted recent pictures of myself! so I have curly hair and I dont have any pictures of me with curly hair! so here is my modeling pictures....enjoy!

December 4, 2008


oh my STARS!! i saw this movie the other night for the first time! Then i went again and saw it! its SO GREAT! i loved reading the books,and i loved seeing the movie! My cousin Kelsey thought that people who started reading the twilight books and got into them were SO STUPID! but wouldn't you know it... her sister made her start reading them and she finished all 3 books in 3 days! haha so whatever we all are ADDICTED!

November 21, 2008

rock climbing and the mayan!

Last night i had a very eventful night! this guy named Greg Brimhall (not related to the Brimhalls in Vegas) he took me rock climbing i could only handle it for about a half an hour! and i did climb ....on the little kids wall..but i did climb!then after that we went to the Mayan! where they have boys in loin cloths diving from the top (the restaurant is 4 story's!)anyways immediately following the dinner we were walking around outside!i was really cold so i asked him if he would give me a piggy back ride in hopes that we could get to his car faster! I got on for like 2 minutes! then he stopped and was like "you have to get off " so i got off i wasnt sure why but id soon find out! he started THROWING UP! Rigt on the parking median! AND IT GETS BETTER! he was using his sisters car ,because he had got rear ended which caused him to rear end another car!so his car was like demolished! so he used his sisters car! anyways quite an EVENTFUL NIGHT is the LEAST u can say!

November 20, 2008

cheapest gas ..WHAT?

I was reading this magazine,and it gave me this website! you just type in your zip code and it'll tell you the cheapest gas prices from around your area! cheapest in Utah was $1.78


remembering dreams,is well,kinda hard for me to do!Last night or early this morning i had a funny dream! OK now anyone that knows my family,knows the call me "CHICK CHICK" but my brother josh tends to do it at a VERY HIGH PITCH TONE OF VOICE!so i had this dream where i was at school,of all places, but i was just walking up this hill and from no where i hear joshes voice yelling "CHICK CHICK"he started coming,yelling my name over and over then the REST OF MY FAMILY starts coming over from all the corners yelling "chick chick" i don't know what this dream means but i think its about high time my family comes and visits me!

November 12, 2008

lindseys ultrasound


voc rehab!

Today I had an appointment with vocational rehab and come to my surprise... they will PAY FOR SCHOOL,AND HELP ME FIND A BETTER JOB! i was pretty excited about it! today was SUCH A GREAT DAY!

jobs,jobs,jobs....oh my!

today i had an appointment with a counselor at my school to help me apply for some jobs!(because I'm an airhead and cant figure it out!)so while i was in the meeting some one offered me a job as a cashier for the bookstore!The only problem with that was you had to have 6 months of experience as a cashier! so i had to turn that one down! but then on my way home (i was walking)another phone call from i think the same lady asked me if i could come in tomorrow! so I was like "I'm not near anywhere where i could write and i don't have a pen on me!" so she said "that's ok ill call you later" so I was like perfect ...she did call me later and i have an interview tomorrow at 11:30 then I'm going back to the same counselor on Friday! life's so fun!

the shuttle

i was going to my appointment to apply for jobs and i see this kid ALL THE TIME on the shuttle to get to school. Anyways the guy i was sitting next to smelled good so i was like..yummy... you smell delicious ! This other kid that was sitting on the other side of the isle was like..."you sure its not me?" and i was like "i dunno who it is but it smells good over here!" and then we just kind of chatted for the rest of the ride over to school (which is about a block..if that)and then we get off the shuttle,he said "he sees me on the shuttle all the time,but he never said hi" and he was like let me get your number! so i told him ya that would be fun if we could hang out this weekend or something!so i might be going out this week/end!but my mom always likes to remind me how guys are not always true to their word! psh I'm going out this weekend mom! haha love you!

November 10, 2008

another neice or nephew?

Lindsey gave us this right before i left to come back to Utah! anyways Lindsey is pregnant with her second child! i know Lindsey and Jesse are so excited! but i am TOTALLY STOKED about it too!

November 4, 2008

meet my friend chase!

This is my friend ,chase, he came down from sandy,Utah! unfortunately his oil filter bracket and radiator hose broke!so he had too take it to the ford dealership to get it fixed!(he has a Ford Explorer!)so we are going ti be leaving..hopefully by tomorrow!

November 3, 2008

madison tate johnson

i am glad i stayed acouple of extra days becauase on sunday it was madisons blessing day!she wore a dress that debbie got for her awhile back!it was so cute! and im glad to say she is a happy baby now that she got some medicine that can help her!

trunk or treat...

i went to 2 ward trunk or treats this year! my brothers and my family!this is lilys lady bug costume! it was so cute! corbin wasa cow boy...i dressed up as..."A REALLY COOL GIRL"! they were fun tho! grace was a horsey and madison was a guatmala girl!my neices and nephew were so cute!i love them!

November 2, 2008

CraZy CaKEs WitH KaTIe

on halloween day i went over to katie creers house to make some cakes for the trunk or treat! it was WAY FUN! and katie is ALWAYS a good friend!we made these crazy cakes! i cant get them to download onto my computer yet! but ill try and have katie email me them! ...or you can just go to katie creers blog thats on my side!

October 23, 2008


today my mom and i made these BOMB snickerdoodles! the recipe actually came from this guy that came all the way from washington state to go on a date with me!anyways he was really nice and decided to share his recipe for his snickerdoodles..they are pretty much DELICIOUS! i am going to share his "secret" recipe! just cuz they are SO GOOD!
1 cup butter
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 cups flour
1 tsp cream of tarter
bake at 350 he says for 6-7 minutes me and my mom baked them they turned out a little mushy so we did on the 2nd batchfor 8 minutes, but the dough is SO GOOD!

Presidant Hinkleys B's...

today i decorated my blocks that i had made just a few weeks ago!Heather Benson pretty much one of the BEST crafters...ever she even has her own scrapbook room..which i will admit is pretty much the most awesomest thing ...I've ever seen...IN MY LIFE! so thank you heather for helping me decorate these!(i totally stole her theme)

October 12, 2008

I'm in Vegas!

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I am home for a trial from the accident I was in 6 years ago. We have been in court all day,everyday this week. It was fun to hang out with Sammi, we went to see Eagle Eye!! I loved it! Then Saturday we went with Josh & Julliane to see Madame Tussaud's wax museum. It was so fun to hang out with friends!!! My friend Tiffany took me to lunch today, I loved to be able to hang out and forget the trial.

September 28, 2008

byu vs weber tailgait party!!

yesterday ,Chase asked me to go to a tailgating party and the game with him! Ive never been tailgating before ,so i went! i had a blast! totally fun! his family was so nice to me! it was fun u of u beat Weber BAD 27-7 ha ha i felt so bad for them!

September 21, 2008

lagoon...meeting the parents...

yesterday i went with chase (the guy i went with to the pizza factory) he took me there and it was SO AWESOME! you see I'm SO DEPRIVED! my mom and dad NEVER TOOK ME THERE WHEN I WAS YOUNGER! ha but it was SUCH blast! now i don't think that me and chase dating will turn into anything! Its just fun to go out with somebody you like, and you know likes you back! so were just kinda dating each other rite now! hes catholic a pretty strong one! But i asked him to come to church with me! and today he is! I'm so excited trying to be a missionary ! but last night i also met his parents cuz he lives in the basement at his family's house! (i told him it was his bachelor pad)and his parents were at home making dinner so i ate dinner with them! it was pretty good we had tacos! yummy!his parents were way nice! and the dads girlfriend is a cosmetologist ill be getting my nails and eyebrows waxed for free she offered to do it!! she is seriously so nice!

September 15, 2008

pizza factory...

tonite at 8:30 i went with this guy named Chase Christianson to pizza factory! it was an interesting date to say the least! OK because i met this kid on facebook i didn't really know what he looked like in real life! needless to say he was 5'0 i think maybe shorter? but ya it was a fun date he was a nice guy! but no sparks once so ever! we are still friends!

September 13, 2008

chicken and steak...

so i went over to a guy names steve house today! and he grilled me a small steak anda small chiecken for lunch! it was awesome!

September 11, 2008

its FINALLY taken care of!

today the guy from mstar came over to fix my internet...FINALLY! so you guys should be posted on what i am up to from now on!

September 9, 2008

root beer floats...

last night we had just gotten home from a bonfire,we were bored out of our minds,so we went to the store and got some root beer and vanilla ice cream! we invited the boys next store over! but the only bad thing was that we didn't really have anything to do while over there!BUT THEN I REMEMBERED that my old roommate's had apples to apples the game! and if anyone has ever played that you know its SO FUN! imagine how much fun it was to have college guys there! so we played apples to apples had a blast and ate root beer floats!


yesterday,i randomly went to lunch to pick up a snack.this guy ,who I've seen working the cafeteria a few times asked me to sit with him!(or so he says so anyways)I actually asked him if i could sit with him because this must have been the tenth time Ive seen him staring at me!so he said i could and he asked me if i like Latin music! i said,sure its ok, I'm not in LOVE with it but ya i like it! Then he asked me if i wanted to go sometime to go Latin dancing with him sometime,so i said yes of course! anyways he was so cute! he thought i couldn't speak Spanish (he is from Mexico)he said I'm muy Bonita and so i said that my dad served his mission in Spain i can tell what you are saying! and then he asked me if i knew any other language and i said ya sign language! so he showed me the sign for beautiful! it was so awesome! sorry i haven't been posting a lot of stuff its cuz my Internet wont work at my apartment but no need to worry we are getting that taken care of!

August 27, 2008

my 1st day of school...

I'm way excited for class today! Turns out I'm in a HUGE class with 160 students in it! it pretty much is going to be like he lectures and we take notes! I'm excited tho,because he only gives us 4 exams and that's what my grade weighs on! so no homework or anything! just the exams and he is going to give us a study guide which he said he gets MOST of his questions from! ya so I'm excited about my history class! tomorrow i have my health class and my Pilate's class!

sorry i havent blogged in awhile!

my internet is not working so i cant get into blog,im at the school rite now!just trying to catch everyone up on my life! i have been trying really hard to contact mcast butthey wont ever pick up! its so annoying! ive left 3 messages!

magic on the stairs...

it was so funny yesterday cuz i went to school to get my schedule for my classes. i was walking up the stairs outside to get into the school! i didn't notice till later but a guy was following me! not creepy tho! he was just headed in the same direction i was n he caught up to me before i could open the door for myself! anyways his name is Jordan he is 21 ,we got to talking a lil bit, he finally asked me out to go to the dance! it was so fun!anyways I'm going to try going to school and finding more dates there! but i have my ways of getting free dinner!!

August 19, 2008

miss madison decided to arrive yesterday!

baby Madison arrived on 8-18-08! she is so calm! she was 6.4 and she was 18 in long!shes so healthy! i love her! I'm so happy for Jason and Lauren! We were ALLL SO HAPPY she's here!

August 18, 2008

miss madison better hurry!!

my sister Lauren is waiting PATIENTLY might i add for miss Madison's arrival! i am SO EXCITED to see her cute face!i cant wait! if she is born today it'll be an 08-18-08 baby girl!my cousin nae nae his baby was born on the 8th so 08-08-08 ha ha something is going on with the babies in our family....SERIOUSLY!!

August 17, 2008

date # 100,988,100.989

This last week/weekend this guy bob came here from Washington! he took me to Maggianos the first night! then we went n saw "the dark knight" the next night,then on the last day we went to Redrock and took some cute pictures!needless to say I'm glad he came in town! we had a fun weekend!

August 14, 2008

what ALWAYS happens when me and heather go out for lunch!

me and heather Benson and her kids went out to lunch the other day at in-n-out then all the sudden missionaries started making their way into in-n-out! it was SO CRAZY,this EXACT thing happened last time me and heather went to in-n-out!What a funny day!

date # 100,987(just kidding)

last night i had a dinner date with this guy named Bob Wilkins and yes i know,I'm sorry his last name was not bob baker like i had originally thought...just miscommunication!we went to Maggianos then we walked in the mall for a bit, we didn't dare walk the strip like we had originally planned that we were going to,because it was so BLASTED HOT OUTSIDE!the funny thing was ,that he served his mission in the same area my brother did! awesome!

August 12, 2008

tropical smoothies

Yesterday i went out with a boy named john trout! i didn't meet him off the Internet! we are just old friends!he took me to get a smoothie (which i must say are my new obsession) i got the rockin' raspberry it had strawberries,raspberries,and lime then i got a quesadilla YUMMY!!! It was WAY YUMMY!! it was WAY FUN TOO because john has finally grown into himself! He's so cute now!

August 11, 2008


On Saturday night i went out with another guy i met from, the Internet! this guy took me to mystere and the funny thing was we had taco bell for dinner! that wasn't how it was suppose to be tho. We got out of the show at about 9-9:30,we were going to go eat at the cheesecake factory BUT they close at 10!! That didn't work out, then we were going to go to a buffet (which i thought buffets were open all night!) needless to say it was going to close at 10 as well!!Then we were going to go to the pub by my house but that was closed by the time we got there! ALAS we finally got some drive thru taco bell and we went to the park by my house and ate it! it was a fun night,even tho we didn't get to eat some where nice! luckily i was with my brother and his family so josh told carlos how to get to hi shouse and lisa made me all pretty! Thanx a bunch lisa and josh!

August 10, 2008

harley girl

today i went out with my sister in law (Lisa's) brother Tim! we just rode on his TOTALLY AWESOME NEW HARLEY!! we drove up by red rock and we talked for a little bit! little did i know i now have this GNARLY FARMERS TAN! it was awesome thanks Tim for being so nice!

August 8, 2008

famous daves!!

Last night i had a date!his name was Jared dyer! he lives in Henderson ,and we all know about the flooding that was over there!i was SO WORRIED,but he told me not to worry that we could still go out because i guess he lived at the base of the we were gonna go to dinner and then walk the strip but he got called into work,at like 7:30! he works construction....i dunno what would HAVE to be done at 7:30 at night that couldn't wait till the morning,but he took me home in his big truck!

August 6, 2008


my mom found this recipe off Jaime Jones blog! and it is DIVINE i actually put the blog site on my links so that when I'm up in Utah i can find good stuff to make!anyways it had this BOMB ranch dressing as the marinara sauce, grilled chicken, you can put whatever you would like to it like mushrooms or olives! it was SO AMAZING!!


tonight was my first time Ive seen my nieces and nephew since Ive been here! i LOVE to see them SO MUCH! it's true,i do MISS HOME TERRIBLY! but i know that I'm where i need to be right now! Hopefully we can find some more money!! cuz lets be COMPLETELY HONEST,living on your own IS A BIT PRICEY$!

August 3, 2008


It was Saturday afternoon around 4:30,when i get this knock on my door! Who was it you ask? It was my roommate, Alex!!I told her to come in...she did as i said ,she asked me not an uncommon question from her! She asked if she could use my cell phone, because she doesn't have one!(i have been telling her for about a month to get one,i mean c'mon even my 10 year old cousin has one!)she was like" can i call my dad because i have a dance dress rehearsal in 2 hours?"
i was like"NOPE, sorry its not my problem,you should have called some one before and set up a time !"so she got all miffed out and started yelling at me,calling me every name in the book!she was basically throwing a temper tantrum because i wouldn't give into her petty temper tantrum, so i just ,patiently locked my door,in fear that she would come beat me up (that's just the type of person she is)i called my newly married friends zach and zaira! They were such good sports they let me stay over there because i didn't feel safe sleeping over here!later she did apologize....TO MY ROOMATE!NOT ME!

today as most of you guys know was fast and testimony meeting at church!i was gunna thank my (normal) roomates for being good friends before i move upstairs,but i had to go to the bathroom first! little did i know ,but we have TWO chapels in our church,thats right count them i accidentally went into the wrong chapel!! OH NO,it gets worse!!so i go up there im going on and on about my roomates and i realize my roomates aren't down there ..."so i say... "where'd they go" i keep saying it repeatedly ..."seriously guys, where'd they go?"but i thank them bear my testimony and sit down with these nice people. i was telling them what my roomates names were and what they looked like i was from mars or something?so then this guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder,and said are you sure your not in the other chapel....i was like ya,i didnt know there was 2 chapels in this church!

July 29, 2008

earrings and dinner...

tonight i went with this guy named Scott Evans and he was SUPER SWEET!! he took me to Jason's deli and then he saw that my earrings had fell out! or one of my backs was gone so i took them out!and so he saw that i didn't have earrings in so he bought me a pair at tj ma xx!! SO SWEET HUH?