March 30, 2010

Service project

me and my friend Patrick Horner eating(me eating chips and buns because i don't like Sloppy Joes)

Last night for FHE we went to the 1st counselors house and weeded his yard , painted his fence and fixed his garden! It was fun serving his family we all had Sloppy Joe's last night ,which isn't my favorite, but it was a fun night!i tried to get a picture of me painting the wall but i never got in one!

March 23, 2010

Talking Amongst Cars...

This is how we would talk ,we would write different notes then speed up to letthe other people see it! oh what fun!

I went to Las Vegas for spring break to visit my family (who i miss like crazy most of the time!) You know how most peoples Spring breaks in Vegas consist of partying it up?Well, mine consisted of spending time with my family my niece's and nephews(who i LOVE A LOT, so I'm not complaining)!!)I don't think I could have asked for a better spring break! ,BUT then i came back up with Katie Auger and her 2 friends Trey and Christine. when we were driving up this car pulled up next to us in Nephi and held up a piece of paper that said "Hey you R cute"not knowing who they were talking to the whole time.So we got out a sheet of paper and drove up next to them and, responded. Anyways it went on for about an hour or so us writing different signs back and forth, turns out the kids in the car we were talking with were named Mindy and Marty. Mindy was 20 and Marty was 18.We finally asked if they wanted to meet us at the In-N-Out in Orem? Theysaid they did but i guess Mindy had to go home for something, they never showed up BUT it made for a FUN car ride up to Utah!

March 12, 2010

My Life

First off I want to apologize for not posting anything for a LONG while! I have just been crazy busy with school and life. I've been having tons of fun this spring semester,my roommate's are great so I am going to sign up to live in Ventana again Summer and Fall semester, I started taking drivers ed to get my Utah drivers permit I will hopefully have my drivers license by this summer,I am currently taking a stress management class ,WHICH happens to be my most STRESSFUL CLASS!! Oxymoron??The teacher just requires a lot of reading and tons of worksheets from us,but I am trying to keep up! I applied to The D.I in Provo got on a waiting list with 40 other people ( so i don't think i will get the job there)and i applied to Gold's Gym but I never got a call back from that!I AM LOOKING FOR A JOB because i will be staying up here during the summer and i need something to do,SO if anyone has any leads or anything let me know PLEASE! I plan on this summer saving up my money.Next week is Spring Break i will be heading down to Vegas just for a few days. Just because I miss my family!! Sorry i jumped around a lot i just had LOTS of things on my mind!