March 31, 2011

Early April Fools?

My roommate Lauren and I went to the dollar theatres tonight to see the movie, Tangled.
Little did we know what we would find! Neither of us has a car so we had to walk about a mile give or take a little, so we finally got into the dollar theatres parking lot when all of this sudden we hear "HELP HELP !! I JUST GOT RAN OVER BY A CAR! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!" SO a few cars pulled over and tried to help she was bleeding from her mouth, head, and limbs, but all this sudden a guy (her boyfriend I am assuming?) came up to her with a glass of water and she stood up and got a hold of her boyfriends side and walked away! Without saying ANYTHING to ANYONE. She even had someone call an ambulance.I didn't get any pictures it all happened too fast and it was dark outside. We thought it might have been a prank show or something, but the scraps and blood seemed real! It has been a CRAZY NIGHT!!

March 17, 2011

Samsung RV511

I have had my Dell laptop for just over 5 years now, and it was high time for a new one! I would start typing a paper for school and the cursor would move ALL THE TIME!So i would have to retype it. It was SO ANNOYING!!I wanted to get a laptop that had a 10 key number pad on it. This laptop will be PERFECT for me and my needs! It was right around my price range. I am excited.