April 19, 2011


-How the bathroom becomes a sauna after a shower

-Things that go "CRUNCH"

-How I Talk to my family at least once,daily

-When you are slowing down for a red light, and then all the sudden it turns green

-Getting notifications on Facebook

-Getting random texts

-Seeing people that I haven't seen in awhile again

I love to paint my toes

- How my brothers voice ALWAYS raises an octave when he says my name

- How my sisters ALWAYS seem to get a great deal when shopping

-All of the different nicknames my mom has for me

-How my dad carries a gun EVERYWHERE with him, just to protect his Princesses

-How I talk on Skype with Joe EVERY NIGHT

-My "true" friends

-I have been in college for 5 years, and I am not even close to getting my associates degree /:

- When my roommate's laugh hysterically... because it makes me laugh or smile (:

- How my nieces and nephews call me either Auntie Em or Emmy

-When I crinkle my nose

-To smell YUMMY

-When I am clean and organized

-When I squeal

- How when you talk about bodily functions I crack up almost always

--How my favorite words are fool and psych

-When I split a piece of gum perfectly

-To write on Post-It notes

-To watch infomercials

-Making lists of things i need to get done

-My make-up Bare Minerals

-How I bite my lower lip when I get nervous /:

-How at least 4 times a week, I floss

-To go to the gym and Work-out

-Going to get my eyebrows threaded

-Making new friends

-Chewing almost any type of gum

-I love how my parents accommodate me with buying the cereal that I am craving when I visit them

-Talking to my nieces and nephews ALL THE TIME

-The smell of Brisket coming from my kitchen back at home

-Going to institute/church

-My naturally white skin

-Putting moisturizer on my face at least twice a day

I Remember awhile back being tagged in an I love... post. I want to tag: Lindsey Falk, Lauren Johnson, Lisa Walker McIntyre,Lisa McIntyre and anyone else who just wants to express what they love! I promise its fun to try and remember everything you love! I am positive I left some things out, but here's a pretty good list!

April 13, 2011


Tonight I walked over to the school to set a new world record. The record we were trying to beat was the number of people to be arm wrestling at the same time.I am not sure how many people we got, but i was one of the last people there (go figure!) and I was number 268 and there were still like 10 more people who came! I guess the old record was like 215 or something... anyways they handed out free tee-shirts that said DIXIE STATE WORLD RECORD APRIL 13, 2011 and FREE Iceberg chocolate ice cream it was PRETTY YUM! (FREE anything is ALWAYS good to a college student!)! Oh ya and the person who I wrestled with was named Marcus and at first I was really good, I put in all my strength,but I could easily see his frustration that he couldn't beat a girl in an arm wrestling match, so I gave in. I let him beat me! WIMP!!