September 28, 2008

byu vs weber tailgait party!!

yesterday ,Chase asked me to go to a tailgating party and the game with him! Ive never been tailgating before ,so i went! i had a blast! totally fun! his family was so nice to me! it was fun u of u beat Weber BAD 27-7 ha ha i felt so bad for them!

September 21, 2008

lagoon...meeting the parents...

yesterday i went with chase (the guy i went with to the pizza factory) he took me there and it was SO AWESOME! you see I'm SO DEPRIVED! my mom and dad NEVER TOOK ME THERE WHEN I WAS YOUNGER! ha but it was SUCH blast! now i don't think that me and chase dating will turn into anything! Its just fun to go out with somebody you like, and you know likes you back! so were just kinda dating each other rite now! hes catholic a pretty strong one! But i asked him to come to church with me! and today he is! I'm so excited trying to be a missionary ! but last night i also met his parents cuz he lives in the basement at his family's house! (i told him it was his bachelor pad)and his parents were at home making dinner so i ate dinner with them! it was pretty good we had tacos! yummy!his parents were way nice! and the dads girlfriend is a cosmetologist ill be getting my nails and eyebrows waxed for free she offered to do it!! she is seriously so nice!

September 15, 2008

pizza factory...

tonite at 8:30 i went with this guy named Chase Christianson to pizza factory! it was an interesting date to say the least! OK because i met this kid on facebook i didn't really know what he looked like in real life! needless to say he was 5'0 i think maybe shorter? but ya it was a fun date he was a nice guy! but no sparks once so ever! we are still friends!

September 13, 2008

chicken and steak...

so i went over to a guy names steve house today! and he grilled me a small steak anda small chiecken for lunch! it was awesome!

September 11, 2008

its FINALLY taken care of!

today the guy from mstar came over to fix my internet...FINALLY! so you guys should be posted on what i am up to from now on!

September 9, 2008

root beer floats...

last night we had just gotten home from a bonfire,we were bored out of our minds,so we went to the store and got some root beer and vanilla ice cream! we invited the boys next store over! but the only bad thing was that we didn't really have anything to do while over there!BUT THEN I REMEMBERED that my old roommate's had apples to apples the game! and if anyone has ever played that you know its SO FUN! imagine how much fun it was to have college guys there! so we played apples to apples had a blast and ate root beer floats!


yesterday,i randomly went to lunch to pick up a snack.this guy ,who I've seen working the cafeteria a few times asked me to sit with him!(or so he says so anyways)I actually asked him if i could sit with him because this must have been the tenth time Ive seen him staring at me!so he said i could and he asked me if i like Latin music! i said,sure its ok, I'm not in LOVE with it but ya i like it! Then he asked me if i wanted to go sometime to go Latin dancing with him sometime,so i said yes of course! anyways he was so cute! he thought i couldn't speak Spanish (he is from Mexico)he said I'm muy Bonita and so i said that my dad served his mission in Spain i can tell what you are saying! and then he asked me if i knew any other language and i said ya sign language! so he showed me the sign for beautiful! it was so awesome! sorry i haven't been posting a lot of stuff its cuz my Internet wont work at my apartment but no need to worry we are getting that taken care of!