September 26, 2009


i have been thinking a lot about faith since the other night when i was scoping out blogs ,and feeling pretty bad,this girl had a thing about faith! I am very proud to say that i do have faith!
During my life i have relied on faith many times
I have enough faith to say "it's all in your hands"
I know that everything will be ok no matter what the outcome may be
when we pray...he listens
families will be together forever
With faith miracles do happen
I have a God and Savior that love me unconditionally
Because of faith i have never doubted that there was life after death

September 20, 2009

utah lake with roomies!!

On saturday me and my 2 roomates (i have 3 but the other one gerin wasnt there) wwe went to utah lake with whitnees uncle andcousins!! (me,whitnee,jessica)

September 12, 2009


Isaac (the kid i met in Vegas at singles ward) and I went bowling last night! It was fun! I have not gone bowling in a LONG TIME! I was not that great last night,i did not suck either though! Last night I rolled a 70,Isaac rolled a 173.Which isn't the best seeing as the guy who worked there said the perfect score was 300!! We had fun though!!

September 3, 2009

Cereal party

Last night I went to a cereal party!! I have never heard of one I went,to see what it was about!It was pretty fun it pretty much was just a normal party BUT they had cereal to eat! it was great fun!Even tho i didn't have any cereal(I ate a bowl half hour before i left).I am liking this place (Ventana more than my other place (Winterhaven)because they do more things here!!