May 30, 2008

a kid named bob and i went to this place tonight! it was so yummy! we got the BBQ chicken pizza! it was great! i have never been there before in my life!!(at least to my knowledge)but my mom and dad would have been proud because the guy i went out with was a total WEIRDO!! but he was fun!
this is the movie we watched tonight! the only problem was its still SO FREAKING COLD STILL IN UTAH!! that my feet were absolutely ICE!!and its the end of MAY,mind you!but other than that it was pretty fun!


tonight i am going to a outside movie that the apartment complex is putting on! Held on our grass. it should be fun! im excited!

May 28, 2008

four square

tonight i went to the empty parking lot across the street and played 4 square with like 8 people it was SO MUCH FUN! I'm so glad i moved to Utah! its been an ABSOLUTE BLAST FOR ME!!

May 26, 2008

get lucky....but i didnt get lucky...

i went on a date tonight! we went and saw this movie!it was SO FUNNY! i loved it!(and no i didnt make out with him!)

May 24, 2008

indiana baby

last night i had a date! it was fun we went to eat at sizzlers (which was actually quite good ,or better than i thought)we went there for dinner and then we went to see Indiana Jones! i wasn't so sure how i would feel about it,because i haven't ever seen an Indiana Jones movie before! but much to my surprise i loved it! i didn't think id like it ,only because i went to pirates of the Caribbean 3 and i didn't like it at all! i never have seen any of the pirates of the Caribbean shows maybe,it was because we had to sit in the second row! it killed my neck!i would recommend every one go see it!and we went with this guys parents, it was fun his parents were nice! and you know how i get along beter with older people!

how i feel..

this is how i feel! im not sick by any means i just ALWAYS HAVE A RUNNY NOSE! its so annoying when you dont want to even sneeze in front of someone because your afraid something will fly out of your nose! and knock them in the face! sister wingate told me about this when i was teaching her pilates! about how when you move some place different your body has to adjust! its SO CRAZY!!

May 23, 2008

emily and daryn!!

last night it was about 8 or 9 and i get this random knock on the front door i wasn't about to get off the nice warm spot on the couch so we yelled "come in!" and guess who it was?much to my surprise my friends!! and i guess they just knew i needed a Lil bit more help because man alive I'm having hard time meeting people!anyways we went out to dinner.... i guess they figured out where i lived from calling my mom....getting my roommates number ...and THEY all kept it from me! Hana i looked so confused and shocked! i love it Tho:)thanks everyone who was in on it

May 20, 2008

oink oink...

my roomates are SO MESSY! its crazy and i got SO SICK of picking up after them (like i did for the first 2 weeks i was here) so instead of yelling at them to pick their messes up,i just let it get so dirty ,we had ants coming out of are garbage last nght! i was just so tired of cleaning up after them! i mean honestly... they are 18-22 years old! learn how to pick up after yourself!

May 19, 2008


for Family Home evening tonight we went to the park played some games and talked and stuff! i met a couple of fun guys named brandon and justin!they were fun! they gave me aride back to my apartment! but the real fun part i thought was they had a tight wire there so we got to walk on it! and even me,totally unbalanced miss em (emmy),walked on it granted with some help from chase and barrett! it was so fun tho:O i tryed twice i walked once! then the second time i walked like 2 steps and fell it was a blast tho!

May 17, 2008

night games

tonight i went and played games with my roomates and a couple people in the building! we played capture the flag and we played another game not sure of what its called but it was fun!and i went to lunch today as well!the picyure above i snot who i went with! i had like 30 people there! it was A BLAST!

May 16, 2008

sun bathing

later today a couple of my roomates and i are going sunbathing outside! it should be good im SO WHITE i dont even remember the last time i went tanning! im excited about it!

May 14, 2008

and we walked and walked and walked...

yesterday was interesting! i had a date with this kid named adam (i met him on the bus) and it was a totally sucky date! anyone who knows me knows i dont walk with great ease! so this guy had brown hair before the date and when he came yesterday he bleached it! it looked like he was 14,when he really is 23!a good thing came from this i had him write my report! he was really nice but seeing as how i had to walk back to my appartment by myself looks like i wont go out with him again!

May 13, 2008

this is proof utah is funner than vegas!

tonight i went on a group date of about 8 people! we went to a place called "sub zero" its an awesome place! where you chooes the base flavoring and they put nitrogen in it and it freezes it! its so cool...anyways my date was named mark! he is a fun guy! this is proof to me that utah is funner and more social than vegas! i will say however,i do miss the weather in vegas!but ive been WAY MORE SOCIAL THEN I EVER WAS IN VEGAS! i even went kickballing! i didnt run i just pitched and kicked it was fun to say the least!

May 10, 2008


i was reading another blog,and it made me just realize how much i love my mom! she really is SO AMAZING!!and i love my mom for letting me move out to Orem utah to do some school!even tho i know its gotta be a little scary letting your youngest move out who has a brain injury and everything! but thanx mom for all you do for me i love ya!!

curly hair!!

as most of you know i have naturally curly hair!! which i think is a blessing (it made me not buy an eyelash curler...EVER!!) I usually straighten my hair because i think it looks better most the time! but today I'm going to try it different! should be fun! i love my curly hair (thanks mom and dad for having curly hair too,passing the genetics down to me!)

May 5, 2008

what the...

last night (sunday) we had a thing called family prayer.... i wasnt familiar with this term or activity...ive never heard of it before in my life? so i went with my roomates! it was a fun thing it was just where the whole ward got together we said a prayer and played scripture pictionary! it was weird...but fun at the same time!

May 4, 2008

15th ward oh my word!!

i went to my new ward today and it was FUN! we had a joint ward today...kinda weird cuz in vegas i dont think ive ever had joint wards but hey the more the merrier right? anyways it was way fun! and ive gone out with 3 guys already! well 2 guys but i went out with 1 guy twice! it has been blast and such a change from what i know! i mean vegas is fun and warmer ....but utah has people that will talk to you even if you have problems (like me)