December 21, 2008

the PERFECT dream!

Tonight my sister-in-law Lisa called me at like 11! and was like... i was trying to put grace to sleep so i was laying in the bed with her rubbing her back! she started to tell grace of fun things that she could dream about... and then grace started telling her fun things she could dream about,she said mama is in the dream (grandma) and ummm... Emmy (Emily)this was just too cute for me to pass up on blogging about!

December 8, 2008

utahs own HOT SPOT!

Apparently, the Wal Mart down the road is the new hangout spot! because tonight I went to wal mart with Preston Matthews... and we ran into TONS OF PEOPLE I KNOW!! like Whitney booth aka Whitney Durkin and then my sister,Lauren, might remember the boy i ran into his sister name is Aaron Kelsey! Yup i ran into her brother ,Ryan,he looked a little different now days! but basically the same! he has earrings in hi sears now!NO,excuse me, he had BLING BLING in his ears! anyways it was a fun night! I got to see a lot of people!

December 7, 2008


so i went on a date yesterday...we were gonna go see twilight(which Ive seen 2 times already!)then he was like...i got my new camera! think you would like to model for me?I said yes I would i haven't posted recent pictures of myself! so I have curly hair and I dont have any pictures of me with curly hair! so here is my modeling pictures....enjoy!

December 4, 2008


oh my STARS!! i saw this movie the other night for the first time! Then i went again and saw it! its SO GREAT! i loved reading the books,and i loved seeing the movie! My cousin Kelsey thought that people who started reading the twilight books and got into them were SO STUPID! but wouldn't you know it... her sister made her start reading them and she finished all 3 books in 3 days! haha so whatever we all are ADDICTED!