June 28, 2008

i love... tag!

Rules:Write down most everything you love! it can be as long or as short as you want!then tag 5 people!
i love... all my BFFS
i love...how im ALWAYS thinking!
i ove...how im SO RANDOM
i love...GUM...its MY FAVORITE!
i love...the heat
i love... my long/naturally curly eyelashes
i love...my curly hair
i love... dates in general
i love...how i can LOVE one thing one day and then HATE IT another!
i love...older men
i love...my parents
i love...how my mom and dad are ALWAYS THINKING
i love... my siblings
i love... my nephew/neices , sister/brothers in law(s), cousins, aunt/uncles,grandparents
i love... how my roomates are so interesting
i love...chatting online
i love... funny storys
i love...to be teased
i love...laughing,shh... its my FAVORITE
i love...the church
i love...all the prophets
i love...god/christ
i love...the scriptures
i love...good examples
i love...being a (self proclaimed) girly girl
i love...all the colors
i love... italian and mexican food
i love...a good jack weyland book (who am i kidding?,they are all good)
i love...homemade food
i love...playing games
i love...utah
i love...going to school
i love...helping people out
i love...being nice
i love...being tan
i love...working out
i love...pilates
i love...feeling comfy in my own shoes
i love...getting good grades in school
i love...being cheap,but strangely expensive, at the same time
i love...BBQ food
i love...that my birthday is on canada day!(my brother in law,jesse, loves that too)
i love...to be spoiled!
i love...being grateful
i love...being able to control myself
i love... to clean up (sometimes)
i love....organizing stuff
i love...blogging
i love...FHE
i love...my girl friends
i love...my guy friends
i love...michael buble
i love..waxing my eyebrows
i love...make up
i love...texting
i love...my computer
i love... the feeling you get when you are falling in love
i love...being in shape (and out of shape at the same time)
i love... be sarctasic
i love...kissing
i love...HUGS
i love...danny bechtols, bear hugs (i miss them too)
i love...going tubeing on the lake
i love... all the seasons
i love... to be tickled!
i love...babies
i love...american idol
i love...target and wal mart
i love...being tagged by random people
i love..that most the time my mom has to tell me i've been tagged
i love... that i figured this one out for myself
i love...being loved
i love...baby names
i love...smelly good stuff
i love...gum
i love...cereal
i love...loving people
i love..some of my roomates
i love...that my parents let me live on my own!
i love...the fact that we have not 1 but 2 lisa mcintyres in our family!

i tag:lindsey falk,lisa mcintyre(graces and lilys mom),lisa mcintyre(my mom),melissa browne,cher houston PS i already listed my 5 but juts wanted to let jaime jones know i was infact thinking about her, but i just wanted my family to do it!

June 24, 2008

missionary stampede

so me and heather (from below) were just enjoying our lunch at in -n- out when all this sudden this HUGE STAMPEDE of supremely HUNKY men walk in,in white shirts and badges! and then they just kept piling in! well i talked to elder Dahl and i figured out that they just had a zone conference thing! anyways it was so funny cuz they were walking right in front of us to wait in line! and heather was like "some are good looking ....some not so much!haha HILARIOUS!


YAY! I'M SO excited to be in town for awhile (July 12Th) so that i can hang out with all y girlfriends! seriously its such a blessing! they are the BEST! this is me and my friend heather Benson! tomorrow I'm going out with 2 more girl friends! my time down here will be SO GREAT! i haven't felt this much love in SO LONG! i love it!

June 22, 2008

barnum and baileys circus

on Saturday: my sister Lindsey,my mom,me,grace,and Corbin went to Barnum and baileys circus! "the greatest show on earth" and you know what,i actually wasn't BORED out of my mind! like i thought i would be! Corbin and grace were both REALLY GOOD! they enjoyed it! thanks mom for getting the tickets!

June 21, 2008

viva las vegas!

I'm home now! i was so excited to come down luckily Barb Creer and Katie were nice enough to come pick me up!It was so much fun seeing grace,lily,and Corbin!...oh and it was nice to see my family again but i was just worried that my nieces n nephew forgot me!

June 16, 2008

celtics vs lakers

last night me, leesl,frank,and leesls roomates watched the CELTICS VS. LAKERS GAME! i actually placed a bet that the lakers would win! and they did! so the bet was who ever team wins gets dinner by the other people so tonight im having a nice pasta dish!

June 15, 2008

my new friend...

so i met this guy last week at church his name is frank! hes really nice, in fact we went to the people upstairs from me and watched bourne supremacy with a girl named Leesl! it was way fun! he is older but like my mom told me ...."older guys will be more attracted to you because they aren't as shallow!"you guys will probably be hearing More about this frank kid! hes AWESOME!!

June 14, 2008


i went on a date last night! we went to see the incredible hulk! which i thought would be ehhh...OK but it actually was really good! I'm glad i went! we went with a couple of his friends so it was less awkward for me! Which you gotta love!

June 13, 2008

all you need is love...

i was in my room laying down when all this sudden i get a phone call! "Emily what apartment number are you in?" so i immediately get up!luckily i didn't take my make up off yet!so i told them where my apartment was and like five seconds later i hear a "knock,knock" on my door i opened it up and guess who was their? these beautiful people i love them so much! and thanks for stopping by to say hi! i really needed to see someone familiar! i miss EVERYONE SO MUCH! but good news im coming down on the 20th! YAY FOR ME!!

June 9, 2008


for FHE tonight we played human foosball! it was WAY FUN! i wasnt sure if i could play or not,but i went anyways because i figured it would be funner than sitting at home all night! but we all held on to pipes! It was so awesome!

June 7, 2008


last night i went to an institute dance with acouple of my roomates! it was way fun!i loved it! i only slowed danced with one guy but who cares it was a blast!

June 4, 2008

movie night with a couple of the roomies!

tonight i went with a couple of my roommate's and a couple of the guys across the hall to the movies! we went and saw vantage point! i thought it sucked! i mean good cinematography but sucky movie! VERY INTENSE! i hated it but whatever i got to hang out with some roomies today!

June 2, 2008

are you...umm...SERIOUS?

this is what i was thinking tonight! because this guy named nathaniel got seriously pissed at me tonight becaused i called him nate!(i was honestly just trying to make him feel more comfortable)anyways he was like i think its disrespectful that you call me nate when my name is nathaniel!" so i was like" well i think its disrespectful that you would tell me that i was being disrespectful when i was just trying to make you more comfy!"i was thinking to myeslf .... are you SERIOUS?haha i hope my family doesnt think that i was being mean! i mean i just thought in this situation i said the right thing!

my first "official" HOMERUN!!

tonight i went to FHe and played at the park we played kickball and i actually ran this time! It was so much fun! at first i hada guy run for me! but this time i made a homerun!!my back is a little sore but it was a blast!this guy ty gave me aride home and he was born with out a cleft pallette so he kinda understood me about people always looking ta me! and he told me not to care! so i am thankful for that ! Im gunna try and not care as much what people think about me....because i cant help how i am!