May 23, 2009

mail and mini golfing

I want to apologize,because i haven't been posting very many things,but that's just because i moved back to Vegas on April 29Th guys know what that means ...Vegas= no dates for miss em!!Well that has all started to change when i was at the singles wards FHE! I met this guy named Issac,I asked him if he could give me a ride home so I gave him my address to put in his GPS.Then on Tuesday i received a letter in the mail from him,It was just a nice letter talking about how sweet i had been to him and his friends and saying that we should hang out sometime! so he gave me his phone number in the letter!So i called him up and we set up a date for tonight (Saturday) and we hung out last night at King Putts,in Henderson,it was really fun,because it was a group date with a couple of his friends!/we are going out again tonight! this will be the 2rd or 3rd date!

May 17, 2009

princess grace

Lisa Walker McIntyre, threw a great party for Grace!On the 9th of May even tho her birthday is on the 7th!we all had a blast ....(even Corbin and Coleson)