August 28, 2010


Today I went with my Grandma,Aunt Pam,Uncle George,Melissa and Uncle David to the Cornfest in Enterprise.I held a fifty - pound Albino Python around my neck (I got a picture of it but it's on my cell phone!)They really did have a TON ...All sorts of different types of corn (I thought there was only like 2 types?) My Uncle David bought everyone a checkered corn(yellow and white) when we first got there!Then we went around to all the booths(it was like a flea market)Towards the end of it this man asked for a volunteer to help him show how this bracelet worked.So I glady raised my hand.This man asked me to stand with my feet together and both my arms out to my sides, Hepushed one arm down and I stumbled a little, then he put this bracelet on my wrist and he pushed me down again and I wouldnt even budge! It was SO COOL!!it is called the"Power Balance" bracelet!

August 16, 2010

Good Ol' St. George

In EXACTLY ...2 days...3 nights... I will be on my way up to St.George!!It's going to be nuts!!I am SO,SO... EXCITED! Now I was at school at UVU(Utah Valley University) for approx. 2 YEARS. There I took most of my generals, but I still need to take a few more classes, so I can get into The Physical Therapy Assistant program .I am transferring down to Dixie to not only be closer to my family, but also they have the PTA program (UVU did not have it)I am SO EXCITED to actually have stuff to do! I will be taking 2 or 3 classes,I am going to go to Institute, I will be volunteering somewhere close to me, I will be doing church related things, and I will be doing my homework,social life,family life,exercising,and I will Study A LOT MORE!!I am excited to move to good ol' St. George!!