July 29, 2008

earrings and dinner...

tonight i went with this guy named Scott Evans and he was SUPER SWEET!! he took me to Jason's deli and then he saw that my earrings had fell out! or one of my backs was gone so i took them out!and so he saw that i didn't have earrings in so he bought me a pair at tj ma xx!! SO SWEET HUH?

July 25, 2008

webbed toes!

so tonight i went out with that same guy Shaun Hansen! he asked me for one detail about myself that was funny...so i told him about all the stuff that's happen to me in my life! (i.e. car accident, kidney stones,my middle finger got chopped off by my brother!(which i had to flip him off to show him the finger that got hurt,it was GREAT!) i asked him one thing that was funny about him... he took off his shoe and SHOWED ME HE HAS WEB FEET!! it was so funny!(but kind of weird at the same time) it was fun tonight tho!

July 24, 2008

this afternoon i went and saw the movie WALL-E with aguy named tristan chamberlin!it was SO WEIRD! he said it didnt have much talking....so i thought that itd be aboring movie! but TOTALLY NOT!it was refreshing to see a movie that didnt have to deal with sex,drugs,or rock and roll!All WALL-E wanted to do was hold eva's hand! it was SO CUTE!totally a great movie!

July 22, 2008

ztejas/U2 in Imax

tonight i had a date with a boy named Shaun Hansen! and we went to ztejas,oh my was it yummy!!i had the chicken,artichoke,and mushroom dish! oh my STARS!!SO DEVINE! I WAS SO PISSED THAT MY MOM AND DAD NEVER TOOK ME THERE BEFORE!!it was SO SCRUMPTIOUS I'M SAD NOW THO....CAUSE THEY R CLOSING THE ONE IN VEGAS!!:(
then after dinner we went to this AWESOME SHOW!! it was a video of different images that went along to about 9 U2 songs! IT was SO FUN! and something i have NEVER done on a date!

July 20, 2008

get smart...who me...no you!

Last night i had a date! it was way fun! well not completely out of control fun! but we saw a funny movie,get smart! i didn't think it'd bea funny movie but boy,was i wrong! really hilarious but the boy i went out with (David) wasn't very interesting i don't know ?maybe we just didn't hit it off real well! oh well you win some ya lose some right?

July 17, 2008

a clean apartment....for once!

so I'm in my apartment and its actually staying clean...so i was wondering how come it was so clean ...and the 18 yr old who is also ... a lesbian,a party girl(stays out till 4 every morning),a kleptoand 18 ISN'T HERE!! she made ALL THE MESSES! I'm so glad that i don't have to clean as much as when she was her!but shes in st George with her girlfriend...i know GAG YOU OUT RITE?anyways its nice to have a clean apartment!

July 15, 2008

meeting the parents...

today me and my "kinda boyfriend" and "kinda hang out" buddy met up with my parents for breakfast! he was calm and my parents really liked him,which is good for me since hes 12 years older than me! ha anyways he was SO CUTE! he called me later in the afternoon today,while i was at wal mart getting grocery's with my parents...and said to me " how did i do,did they like me?" i replied chuckling" yes,babe, they liked you!" it was actually easier for me to go out with an older guy who ...i guess understands me more... and hes easier to talk to! I'm not planning on marrying him! just fun to hang out with don't ANYBODY WORRY! they actually thought he was a stand up guy!

July 3, 2008

victoria secrets mascara...

this is my favorite mascara! i love it! it makes ur eyelashes less clumpy and its dark so it makes it look better!

July 2, 2008

its my birthday...yesterday!

thanks so much for everyone who got me presents! You are awesome! yesterday i went and got a manicure/pedicure with my mom! which is ALWAYS NICE! then we went shopping at the fashion show mall i only got 2 shirts from express there!from express then we went to lunch at Maggianos...YUMMY!then i told My mom...i didn't feel like i shopped! (because i mean 2 shirts c'mon?)so my mom took me to fashion Q and ulta where i spent all of my money! then for dinner we went to Outback! its been an awesome birthday!