June 27, 2010

Fun Night

Emily and Rachel



Yesterday was a lot of fun!during the day me,Rachel,and Michelle went to the pool; Then we got back from the pool and did glitter toes, went to The Orem Owls baseball game,They were doing fireworks for pioneer days so we went to that,then we went to JCW's a shake place it was pretty good,then we came back to our apts and watched "Hot Rod" they all thought it was hilarious. Where as i didn't think it was that funny! Most the girls left a little early though because we started watching it at like 1 AM!Good times!

June 24, 2010

What's In A Name?

This morning i went and worked out at the gym,I came home to realize i needed to get the mail.It was just a bunch of ads!but i looked through all the adds,and i found a newspaper. I figured that since i didn't have really anything to do today that i would just read the article on the front page. There was an article "What's In A Name?"talking about how we rely on others people input to get things we want.(I.E. daycares,old folks homes,and the service you get at different places. )

a paradox of our time in history is that: we have taller buildings,but shorter tempers,wider freeways,but narrower viewpoints,we spend more, but have less,buy more but enjoy it less,we have bigger houses,but smaller families,more conveninces,but less time,more degrees but less common sense,more knowledge,but less judgement,more experts,but more problems,more medicine,but less wellness.we spend to recklessly,laugh too little,drive too fast,get too angry,stay up too late,get up tired,read to seldom and watch TV too much.we have multiplied our posessions,but reduced our value,we talk to much,love too seldom,and hate too often - Steve Densley

June 14, 2010

Steve and Colton's place...

I wasnt aware that we were all suppose to be smiling so i pulled this face :*)
I missed the pull a funny face memo!
Last night I went to Colton, and Steve's place we decided to play a game! We played Scene It Boys vs. Girls it was a pretty good time!

June 1, 2010

Memorial Day in Heber

We obviously had a blast on Memorial day!We went to Pat's home town of Heber and spent the day there!We met his parents when we first got there,then we went to the park just played Frisbee and Soccer while we were there,then we went to this awesome place called Dairy Keen ,we went to the cemetery to visits Pat's brother and Mom who have died, then we went over to Pat's brothers house met his family,then we came back to our apartments went swimming and hot tubing ,we then made Spaghetti at Pat's apartment we watched Radio right after that Memorial day was a BLAST!