October 29, 2011

Marriage Material

It seems like I have not posted in awhile, so I was thinking, what are the things that make my man (Joseph) marriage material to me?

1. He makes me laugh all the time
2. He is so handsome
3 .He calls me princess everytime we talk
4. He is very dependable
5. He does what he says he is going to do
6. He is financially responsible
7. He is a good chef
8. He mentions to me about our future kids
9. We call each other silly nicknames
10. He is clean
11. He is always there when I need him
12. He has goals
13. He is ambitious
14. He gets along with my family and I get along with his
15.He knows when to be mature and when to be immature
16. He is honest in his work
17. He loves to surprise me
18. He is patient and willing to wait
19. He is Spiritually intuned
20. He is ready to be a dad
21. He reads The Book of Mormon/prays with me EVERY night
22. He put things in a way that I understand it
23. He ALWAYS smells yummy!!!