October 25, 2009

Flapper chick

This top picture is of me and my friend who lives above me,Rachel Provolt,we were invited to a Friday night Halloween party and I didn't have a costume,Luckily Rachel did!! i went as a flapper chick! it was a blast!I am glad I'm making friends i love our ward!

bucket list

These are the things i hope to do before i die:
1. get a degree in something,anything
2. find a worthy man to take me to the temple
3.Start a family
4.name my first boy (Dylan Ry) and my first girl (Mckayla Emi)
5.get a career
6.be GREAT at my career
7.learn to sew well
8.go on a mission with my husband
9.volunteer at an orphanage
10. volunteer at anything
11.laugh till I cry
12.LOVE everyone with all my heart
13. be scared so bad i pee my pants....just a lil
14.pull an AWESOME prank on someone
15.finish the B.O.M.
16.create ways to help me remember things
17.get my portrait painted
18.learn how to speak a language fluently
19.write a motivational book about my life
20.go camping with my future family
21.be a good mom
22.overcome my fear of failure and disappointing people
l23.learn how to take a compliment
24,accept who i am
23.learn to do hair
24.write a fan letter to all my family telling them how much i love them
25. do genelogy
27.be someones mentor
28.don't be so critical of myself
29.go camping

October 19, 2009

roomate birthday dinner/FHE

Today is my roommate's,Gerins,birthday! My roommate's and I took her out to eat, We went to Texas Steakhouse, it was good, I didn't think I had ever been there before,or at least I couldn't remember, but earlier in the day my FHE ma texted me asking if i could make a cake Gerin tonight at her FHE birthday party,So i said sure why not I came home from school to find my other roommate Whitnee baking a cake for her already!Anyways we get home from the dinner and i totally space going to FHE for her birthday party.We ended up going to it a lil late . When we finally went I was just seeing the regular people,but i met this one guy who i had not met before,he came up to me with a smile on his face and introduced himself as Matt.I was saying hi to the other girls in my FHE group (surprisingly there are only like 3 FHE guys that come)I get done saying hi to them and he says to me,"You have the spirit VERY STRONG" and all I could think to say was "aww thanks..." Now this probably isn't something i should be sharing because I'm kinda bragging,BUT i just thought it was just too cool that a guy that i have never met before would say that to me!!