March 26, 2009


Last night i went country line /swing dancing,with my friend from facebook,Jared! It was a blast! i saw Ryan Kelly there(the guy i knew from high school that i went on a date with)The first part was line dancing which was lots of fun! The second part was country swing dancing which made me dizzy and i couldn't really do it,but I plan on going to this a lot more so i can get used to it! Last night i got tired fast but i would just sit down! I danced with a lot of guys named Chris last night! i danced with all together like 4 guys! It was a little awkward cuz my left arm,but it was a blast anyways!

March 7, 2009

wingers/stop light party

Last night i went with my roommate and her 2 brothers and a few of their friends to wingers! I dont remember having this ever i shared the stickers with my roomate! It was pretty good ,but TOO spicy! i only had one of the sticklers! then we were suppose to go to a stop light party... now let me explain what exactly this is! its just a dance party basically ,But if you are single you wear green,wear yellow if its complicated,and red if you are we came back to my apartment we all got dresses i green and were off to go i was a lil bit excited about it! when we got there though, it was PACKED!!so we ended up just going home! but it was a fun night none the less!

March 5, 2009

ping pong...please

So far this is the best book ever! It tells us the Lamen's version of our "test" here on earth. Yes I haven't gotten through this whole book yet but I did get to "purpose 2" Which is To be Tested. This is been the most important part of the book. He explains to us that not only are we tested "by the adversary, and by God himself." That hit me hard. Not only am I going to be tested by Satan, but by Heavenly Father also. It makes sense, but when most of us have a trial it is usually something that has a hardship or burdened by you think of Satan and not of Heavenly Father. It goes more into detail about "Being tested by Life, coming through the Fire, Choosing our responses, The Lord will help, Being tested by the Adversary" Then their is a whole chapter on "Being tested by God" He explains by saying "Sometimes God gives us CUSTOM designed tests" He shows us the examples we have in the Scriptures. Noah and the Ark, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Pharaoh, Lehi uprooting his family. He continues to tell stories and examples of going through the test. He will provide a way for us to be able to endure all things. If he doesn't feel like we have the strength to go through a "costumed designed" test he will provide a simpler test, so that we can gain our strength and faith through that trail to endure the harder one. I found that fascinating, especially with my health problems I am going through right now. Even though I can't get any specific medical explanations of why or how my body is doing, I know that Heavenly Father has given me the strength to endure this trail. Just as he has with my past trails and for the future trails. It is a great testimony builder thinking and understanding the purposes of our test. How blessed we all are to be able to be tried and tried over and over again with certain trails and tribulations to be a stronger person. To be that Spirit we signed up to be in Heaven before coming to earth. We knew the sacrifices we would all have to endure and yet we stood their right by Heavenly Father and Jesus and said "YES" loud and clear that we would go through all of this to be able to teach the people we need too. To be that examples. To be able to gain our testimony and realize the love Jesus and Heavenly Father has for us. We will be those great Spirits we were hidden for, for many years. So that we can be here at this time, at this place, to be the ones to raise and teach our future Leaders. What an awesome, yet scary responsibility it is for us. But I know that if we can be humble enough to be at the mercy of the Lord's feet we will be those amazing Spirits and Heavenly Father will say to us at judgement "Well done, Well done thy great and faithful servant".
That's what matters MOST to me!!
On Tuesdays and Thursdays i dont have any school so i go to Institute at 3.Well i went a little bit early today to hang out in the hang out room.There is this really cute guy who always shows up while I'm in the hang out room....coincidence or not?(i don't know ,but he is always there when i am there so today i asked him to play some ping pong with me ,and granted he has seen me play(I'm sure if anybody saw me play they would know I'm not very good) maybe that's why he made up a lame excuse that he had to finish reading the news paper,but not even 2 minutes after the fact that i had asked him to play he decides to start playing with a guy ,and then a girl!! i don't know what is going on at this moment I'm just sitting there trying to not burst out in tears! but luckily i didn't burst out in tears but i did have a period when i felt sorry for myself! so me and my some of my roommates went to the park tonite so we were out late and i decided to get online and check my mail before i went to bed! i forgot i had added this website to my favorites but I'm glad i did!