November 21, 2008

rock climbing and the mayan!

Last night i had a very eventful night! this guy named Greg Brimhall (not related to the Brimhalls in Vegas) he took me rock climbing i could only handle it for about a half an hour! and i did climb ....on the little kids wall..but i did climb!then after that we went to the Mayan! where they have boys in loin cloths diving from the top (the restaurant is 4 story's!)anyways immediately following the dinner we were walking around outside!i was really cold so i asked him if he would give me a piggy back ride in hopes that we could get to his car faster! I got on for like 2 minutes! then he stopped and was like "you have to get off " so i got off i wasnt sure why but id soon find out! he started THROWING UP! Rigt on the parking median! AND IT GETS BETTER! he was using his sisters car ,because he had got rear ended which caused him to rear end another car!so his car was like demolished! so he used his sisters car! anyways quite an EVENTFUL NIGHT is the LEAST u can say!

November 20, 2008

cheapest gas ..WHAT?

I was reading this magazine,and it gave me this website! you just type in your zip code and it'll tell you the cheapest gas prices from around your area! cheapest in Utah was $1.78


remembering dreams,is well,kinda hard for me to do!Last night or early this morning i had a funny dream! OK now anyone that knows my family,knows the call me "CHICK CHICK" but my brother josh tends to do it at a VERY HIGH PITCH TONE OF VOICE!so i had this dream where i was at school,of all places, but i was just walking up this hill and from no where i hear joshes voice yelling "CHICK CHICK"he started coming,yelling my name over and over then the REST OF MY FAMILY starts coming over from all the corners yelling "chick chick" i don't know what this dream means but i think its about high time my family comes and visits me!

November 12, 2008

lindseys ultrasound


voc rehab!

Today I had an appointment with vocational rehab and come to my surprise... they will PAY FOR SCHOOL,AND HELP ME FIND A BETTER JOB! i was pretty excited about it! today was SUCH A GREAT DAY!

jobs,jobs,jobs....oh my!

today i had an appointment with a counselor at my school to help me apply for some jobs!(because I'm an airhead and cant figure it out!)so while i was in the meeting some one offered me a job as a cashier for the bookstore!The only problem with that was you had to have 6 months of experience as a cashier! so i had to turn that one down! but then on my way home (i was walking)another phone call from i think the same lady asked me if i could come in tomorrow! so I was like "I'm not near anywhere where i could write and i don't have a pen on me!" so she said "that's ok ill call you later" so I was like perfect ...she did call me later and i have an interview tomorrow at 11:30 then I'm going back to the same counselor on Friday! life's so fun!

the shuttle

i was going to my appointment to apply for jobs and i see this kid ALL THE TIME on the shuttle to get to school. Anyways the guy i was sitting next to smelled good so i was like..yummy... you smell delicious ! This other kid that was sitting on the other side of the isle was like..."you sure its not me?" and i was like "i dunno who it is but it smells good over here!" and then we just kind of chatted for the rest of the ride over to school (which is about a block..if that)and then we get off the shuttle,he said "he sees me on the shuttle all the time,but he never said hi" and he was like let me get your number! so i told him ya that would be fun if we could hang out this weekend or something!so i might be going out this week/end!but my mom always likes to remind me how guys are not always true to their word! psh I'm going out this weekend mom! haha love you!

November 10, 2008

another neice or nephew?

Lindsey gave us this right before i left to come back to Utah! anyways Lindsey is pregnant with her second child! i know Lindsey and Jesse are so excited! but i am TOTALLY STOKED about it too!

November 4, 2008

meet my friend chase!

This is my friend ,chase, he came down from sandy,Utah! unfortunately his oil filter bracket and radiator hose broke!so he had too take it to the ford dealership to get it fixed!(he has a Ford Explorer!)so we are going ti be leaving..hopefully by tomorrow!

November 3, 2008

madison tate johnson

i am glad i stayed acouple of extra days becauase on sunday it was madisons blessing day!she wore a dress that debbie got for her awhile back!it was so cute! and im glad to say she is a happy baby now that she got some medicine that can help her!

trunk or treat...

i went to 2 ward trunk or treats this year! my brothers and my family!this is lilys lady bug costume! it was so cute! corbin wasa cow boy...i dressed up as..."A REALLY COOL GIRL"! they were fun tho! grace was a horsey and madison was a guatmala girl!my neices and nephew were so cute!i love them!

November 2, 2008

CraZy CaKEs WitH KaTIe

on halloween day i went over to katie creers house to make some cakes for the trunk or treat! it was WAY FUN! and katie is ALWAYS a good friend!we made these crazy cakes! i cant get them to download onto my computer yet! but ill try and have katie email me them! ...or you can just go to katie creers blog thats on my side!