January 27, 2010

Sunday Night Dinners

Whitnee wanting me to throw away my lap tray that I've had since I moved here
Jessica,Whitnee,Gerin ,and I

Jessica and Me

Jessica and Me

Me and Jessica


We tried to cut the onions without crying! In order to do this
we wore goggles,but still our eyes watered

Yes, we had 13 people over for dinner!

Me and Chad

Since I moved up here I have been doing Sunday night dinners to meet everyone! Like we do at home! Though different from home, I don't really have any family up here so people that live by us (mainly Guys)we invite over and i do the cooking its so much fun! because after we eat we play the game Apples to Apples! its so much fun! My roommate's are all kind of anti-social,but i think doing the dinner every Sunday night has got them to be more social!

January 2, 2010

Snow Day!

A few days ago My Mom asked me to go to the snow with her,Josh,Lisa,his girls, his in-laws,and my cousins.My response too such question was "Mom,are you kidding me? Why would I go? I LIVE IN THE SNOW!"but I ended up going , it was fun! but it was WAY COLD!!