October 21, 2010


Well it has been quite awhile! That is just because I am ALWAYS BUSY!Monday, Wednesday, Fridays I get ready for the day,go to school 11-2,gym,study,make dinner,watch some TV with my roommates, go to bed. Tuesday, Thursday I get ready for the day,go to my 1st institute class of the day - Dating and Courtship aka Building Blocks Towards an Eternal Marriage at 11. Then i go to my 2nd institute class of the day- Doctrines of the Gospel-at 1, which my teacher is AMAZING!He has the scriptures memorized! Then after institute gets out I go and volunteer at a "rehab" facility but really its just an old folks home!Then I go and type up my weekly English paper!
All of the above reasons are why I have not blogged in SO LONG! So if you were wondering if I fell off the Earth....I didn't I have just been CRAZY busy!!

August 28, 2010


Today I went with my Grandma,Aunt Pam,Uncle George,Melissa and Uncle David to the Cornfest in Enterprise.I held a fifty - pound Albino Python around my neck (I got a picture of it but it's on my cell phone!)They really did have a TON ...All sorts of different types of corn (I thought there was only like 2 types?) My Uncle David bought everyone a checkered corn(yellow and white) when we first got there!Then we went around to all the booths(it was like a flea market)Towards the end of it this man asked for a volunteer to help him show how this bracelet worked.So I glady raised my hand.This man asked me to stand with my feet together and both my arms out to my sides, Hepushed one arm down and I stumbled a little, then he put this bracelet on my wrist and he pushed me down again and I wouldnt even budge! It was SO COOL!!it is called the"Power Balance" bracelet!

August 16, 2010

Good Ol' St. George

In EXACTLY ...2 days...3 nights... I will be on my way up to St.George!!It's going to be nuts!!I am SO,SO... EXCITED! Now I was at school at UVU(Utah Valley University) for approx. 2 YEARS. There I took most of my generals, but I still need to take a few more classes, so I can get into The Physical Therapy Assistant program .I am transferring down to Dixie to not only be closer to my family, but also they have the PTA program (UVU did not have it)I am SO EXCITED to actually have stuff to do! I will be taking 2 or 3 classes,I am going to go to Institute, I will be volunteering somewhere close to me, I will be doing church related things, and I will be doing my homework,social life,family life,exercising,and I will Study A LOT MORE!!I am excited to move to good ol' St. George!!

July 20, 2010

4th of July/Circleville

For the fourth of July my family and I went to this little town calld Circleville (If you cant guess how small of a town it is from the name something is wrong with you!)It is really small like I said but it was a good thing!Wwe had to make our own fun. We had dinner on a mountain,we rode their horses,andshot guns

July 12, 2010

DLD-Drivers License Division

I have been trying to get my Utah Permit for ages! (about 2 years to be exact)I've gone to the driving school ,which is a pain trying to get there , not being able to drive.Today a good family friend of ours, Clark Woodger,took me to the DLD.For those of you who don't know you are only allowed to take the test twice in a day.Well, I took it once, I took it slowly making sure I didn't screw it up, and I went back and checked over ALL 50 questions ,and I got a 72 % the first time!Then i went back for the second time hoping id do great not really caring if i passed or failed because i already failed it the first time so I took it faster and I didn't go back and check it , but good news, I PASSED!!!Now on to getting a license!

July 1, 2010

My Birthday

Today was a VERY exciting day for me.Not only did i turn 22, but i turned 22 with a bang!My friend Kathy Bechtol took me this morning to the mall to buy me an outfit,we got chinese for lunch,and then we saw the movie Eclipse!(which i liked but i like New Moon a little better)Then tonight at about 6 i went to get my hair done and got a pedicure,which i desperately needed because a friend in my ward did Glitter toes on me and that comes off SO FAST when i wear it!Then i came home and nobody was here;then my roommate Gerin came home and gave me a gift! it was a PERFECT gift for me! a thing of Go-Gurt,a silly t-shirt,and 3 packs of gum!It was really an enjoyable birthday and i am going to see my family tomorrow to top it off!!

June 27, 2010

Fun Night

Emily and Rachel



Yesterday was a lot of fun!during the day me,Rachel,and Michelle went to the pool; Then we got back from the pool and did glitter toes, went to The Orem Owls baseball game,They were doing fireworks for pioneer days so we went to that,then we went to JCW's a shake place it was pretty good,then we came back to our apts and watched "Hot Rod" they all thought it was hilarious. Where as i didn't think it was that funny! Most the girls left a little early though because we started watching it at like 1 AM!Good times!

June 24, 2010

What's In A Name?

This morning i went and worked out at the gym,I came home to realize i needed to get the mail.It was just a bunch of ads!but i looked through all the adds,and i found a newspaper. I figured that since i didn't have really anything to do today that i would just read the article on the front page. There was an article "What's In A Name?"talking about how we rely on others people input to get things we want.(I.E. daycares,old folks homes,and the service you get at different places. )

a paradox of our time in history is that: we have taller buildings,but shorter tempers,wider freeways,but narrower viewpoints,we spend more, but have less,buy more but enjoy it less,we have bigger houses,but smaller families,more conveninces,but less time,more degrees but less common sense,more knowledge,but less judgement,more experts,but more problems,more medicine,but less wellness.we spend to recklessly,laugh too little,drive too fast,get too angry,stay up too late,get up tired,read to seldom and watch TV too much.we have multiplied our posessions,but reduced our value,we talk to much,love too seldom,and hate too often - Steve Densley

June 14, 2010

Steve and Colton's place...

I wasnt aware that we were all suppose to be smiling so i pulled this face :*)
I missed the pull a funny face memo!
Last night I went to Colton, and Steve's place we decided to play a game! We played Scene It Boys vs. Girls it was a pretty good time!

June 1, 2010

Memorial Day in Heber

We obviously had a blast on Memorial day!We went to Pat's home town of Heber and spent the day there!We met his parents when we first got there,then we went to the park just played Frisbee and Soccer while we were there,then we went to this awesome place called Dairy Keen ,we went to the cemetery to visits Pat's brother and Mom who have died, then we went over to Pat's brothers house met his family,then we came back to our apartments went swimming and hot tubing ,we then made Spaghetti at Pat's apartment we watched Radio right after that Memorial day was a BLAST!

May 13, 2010


Today me and my brother, Joshua, went bouldering and hiking with his lil chicks. it was kind of scary for me being with the chicks and Joshua climbing rocks!I wouldnt know what to do if something had happend! Luckily though nothing did happen we all had a blast and it was fun!Later we came to his house and made me some mac n cheese!

April 28, 2010

What Fun

We hung out at the park one saturday!

Tthe final 3 roomates (whitnee moved out awhile ago)

I was in the middle of putting on my face when she took the picture

We were going to the hot tub

April 26, 2010

Ward Prayer

(starting in the front:me,Noelia,Colton,Sheena,and Drew in back behind Drew:Steve,Dan,Matt, and Robert)Ward prayer is a silly tradition here in Utah,most singles wards here do it.I am not sure if Singles wards in Las Vegas do it?Anyways Ward Prayer is really fun way to close the Sundays! You get to see everyone and it kind of unites you as a ward its pretty awesome! and like they say a family that prays together stays together! our ward is awesome I can not wait till i stay for the summer!!

April 22, 2010


These last couple weeks have not been my best.I have had to go to the Inter mountain health care center twice in like 3 weeks!The first time I couldn't find anyone to take me and because i hurt so bad I just broke down and I just melted down in tears. MY roomate came to comfort me and said she could take me! Then yesterday i needed to go again i asked my roomate if she could take me agaain but she had previous engagements SO my dear friend Michelle Buxton waas able to take me we went to the Urgent Care then to dinner at Brickoven Pizza then to the store, turns out that the first time i went to Urgent Care my right ear drum had EXPLODED which i did not think was possible but it is...obviously,and my left ear was fine.SO the doctor put me on amoxicillan (a prescription drug that helps with ear infections) I was taking the prescription and i started to feel better,so i stopped taking it for a couple days.I was not aware that you have to take a prescription till the whole bottle is gone.then just last night I had a sore throat and I've been feeling dizzy every now and again so something in my equilibrium was off i thought it was another ear infection,but when i went this time i saw a different doctor i told him i had just come in a couple weeks ago and i explained what the doctor had found but he looked in my ears said they were good . I was like "whats the matter then?"he decided on a sinus infection . He must have been right because i took the new prescription (Cefdinir)last night and this morning my throat didn't hurt as bad as it has in the past!

March 30, 2010

Service project

me and my friend Patrick Horner eating(me eating chips and buns because i don't like Sloppy Joes)

Last night for FHE we went to the 1st counselors house and weeded his yard , painted his fence and fixed his garden! It was fun serving his family we all had Sloppy Joe's last night ,which isn't my favorite, but it was a fun night!i tried to get a picture of me painting the wall but i never got in one!