February 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary Babe

1-21-12 is our anniversary.  I wasn't able to upload the pictures that we took on that day. That day luckily it was Martin Luthor King Junior day so Joe was off. We slept in till 11 o' clock. Then we got ready for the day and went to Dog house Grill ( the BEST BBQ tri tip sandwhich you will ever have in your LIFE! ) Then after that Joe had an idea (that he got from his elementary school) to write a memoir of the year and attach it to some helium balloons and let it sail away. We did let it sail away right out of our apartment complex which has lots of trees so the balloons were stuck. The next day Joe noticed that they had blown away we were so happy because we also attached on the memoir our email addresses so that whoever finds it can contact us. For dinner that night we went to Tepanyaki. It was great fun We enjoyed our first anniversary. We  are looking forward to MANY more years together.  For our anniversary I made Joe a Mixbook on mixbook.com. It was kind of pricey tho so I told Joe not  to get me anything and that the mixbook would be our combined present


lauren said...

your book turned out so cute! way better then mine did they are kinda tricky! happy anniversary!! cant believe how fast that year flew by! and that tepanakki sounds so good! that is our family's favorite

Lisa McIntyre said...

What a great anniversary!Love the book! Many more years to come!