April 16, 2014

Valentines day 2014

For Valentines day we had quite a great day.  First Joe woke me up, I walked out to our kitchen to see 2 pieces of French toast (my personal favorite)  and a piece cut in the shape of a heart in the middle. It was too cute. After we enjoyed our breakfast Joe went off to work. Then he came home for lunch which he took me to an AMAZING Teppanyaki place, Tokyo Steakhouse. After that he went back to work  then later that night we went out to Selma ( a little place right outside of where we live) for dinner at Georges Hye Street Grill with our friends Barbra and Ron Mortanian.He was so keen on feeding me, all day long!  I really feel blessed to have such a caring husband. Who knows that I'm pretty much ALWAYS HUNGRY and takes me out to feed me.

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lauren said...

that joe is to sweet! sounds delish !