October 8, 2013

Joseph's 34th Birthday

We have been working late every night just about since starting our Etsy store, WallJems. It is a wall decal store. My mom saw a great deal on TravelZoo.com for Knott's Berry Farm tickets. We needed a relaxing weekend. She bought us the tickets and we got a hotel and we stayed for Joe's birthday Saturday the 21st of September. We had the BEST most relaxing time! Here are some pictures from our trip.

Also for Joe's birthday we went to The Price is Right Live at the Saroyan theatre here in Fresno.
 We got the tickets from a friend of ours that is in charge of the Broadway in Fresno. So he gets us tickets to cool shows a lot!

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lauren said...

so fun!!! love the update! looks like a great bday!